Thursday, January 19, 2017

BootLego DC: Joker, Venom, Blue Beetle, Katana, & Batman Beyond

A few BootLego DC minifigs scored off eBay- the Katana & Blue Beetle were part of a new purchase, the others from a Batman set I bought at the end of 2015. I really liked the New 52 version of Katana, my favorite of this group. I have a DC Collectibles Katana in this outfit that I absolutely covet. I like the idea of Katana as a partner to Batman in the 2013-14 Beware the Batman animated series- fresh!

This new Batman Beyond minifig is barely so, the chest insignia and belt true to character, but exposed chin & red cape not so. He looks a lot like the black and red Batman I got with a BootLego Nightwing and Robin posted on here in Nov. 2015...

The Joker below is standard Lego Joker, but a nice and colorful rendition. Like Joker, this simple Bane minifig came with the Batman set I bought at the end of 2015. Though irrelevant to the character, his sighted assault rifle is a bonus.

I love the third, Jaimie Reyes Blue Beetle! My only complaint with this minifig is the neck post barely accommodating the wings and neck horns, an oft fugitive blue head the unfortunate result. Check out my 2013 post on the Batman: Brave and the Bold Blue Beetle Cosmic Crawler!

Joker and Venom would have a hard time fighting Katana, Batman Beyond, and Blue Beetle!

More Later- Make It FUN!

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