Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DC Direct New Frontier Green Arrow Revisited

While moving recently, I rediscovered my DC Direct New Frontier Green Arrow, beautifully sculpted to emulate the late Darwyn Cooke's art in his retro-Atomic Age masterpiece. As painfully fragile as a lit of Green Arrow action figures with small parts are, this was still a beautiful piece from what in retrospect seems to have been a special era of action figure production, bringing long marginalized characters to the forefront, comic art-inspired lines from companies like DC Direct, and huge collections like MOTU, the revival of Marvel Legends, a new Masters of the Universe line, and much more. The new Golden -Age of Action Figures, as Canadian Kal calls it. I started this blog nearly seven years ago in the midst of that special time, long ago enough to look back fondly upon it   :)
More Later- Make It FUN!

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