Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Marvel Legends Misty Knight

I picked up this Marvel Legends Misty Knight on eBay awhile back at a reduced price, more in admiration for the toyetic nature of the action figure than any knowledge of the character, nor her affiliation with Heroes for Hire. Created by writer Tony Isabella and artist Arvell Jones, Mercedes Kelly Knight debuted in Marvel Premiere in March of 1975. After teaming with Iron Fist and Luke Cage in Heroes for Hire, Misty more recently teamed up with Valkyrie in Fearless Defenders, a title I've been catching up on now that I'm subscribed to Marvel Unlimited.  My limited character knowledge aside, this figure has a lot going for it with some of the unique sculpt and great color. though I was challenged getting her to stand unaided. Misty was part of the Rhino Wave of 2015, which included some cool figures like Scarlet Spider, Kraven, and Ghost Rider.

Aside from Misty being a little difficult to stand, my only other real complaint would be her upward gaze and slightly wandering left eye. It's fine on the shelf, but can make photography somewhat challenging. Her gun was completely warped upon removal from the package, but a hair dryer fixed that easily- I'm not sure why Hasbro makes some accessories from that rubbery plastic, but hope they stop. I'm not crazy about the buck they built this figure on either- while it's not a deal breaker, the hip joints give the figure a slightly bow-legged stance. Showing more of Misty's bionic arm would have been a nice touch, but the shoulder straps, unzipped bosom and belt/holster are nice, and her hair is great!

As a NYPD officer, Mercedes was injured in a bomb attack that resulted in amputation of her right arm. Tony Stark built her a bionic replacement, and rather than accepting a desk job, Mercedes became the hero Misty Knight! Pictured below, Misty Knight with Marvel Legends Black Panther Wave Invincible Iron Man, and Spider-Man Homecoming XLVII Iron Man Sentry...

While full of Misty has a lot going for her, Okoye and Nakia from the Black Panther Wave I reviewed are a class apart with their detailed sculpts and realistic facial decos. Still, I enjoy Misty for what she is, and love her afro and sassy style!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Wow! Never seen this one before. Liked her character in the Netflix series.

  2. I had not seen her in the Netflix stuff, but am currently reading Fearless Defenders, which has been fun! Thanx 4 reading Kim!

    1. The first half of the LUKE CAGE TV series was pretty good.