Thursday, February 1, 2018

Marvel Legends Ares (Thor Ragnarok Series)

I passed on this guy several times, but came to my senses after seeing more online reviews and realizing how special he is. Originally a BAF figure from 2008, Hasbro's second year of producing Marvel Legends after ToyBiz. Ares is huge, and was packed with a secondary tray to hold his oversized sword and battle axe, the Gladiator Hulk BAF arm and hammer taking all the room up front. As if that wasn't enough, a large knife that sheathes onto this right thigh is included.

This Ares has some improvements from the original 2006 BAF, namely new shins and feet that allow updated ankle rocker articulation, and a little more exciting paint scheme. The head beneath the mask has been updated with blanked out eyes and shadowed face, which I don't prefer to the original, more conventional portrait. Still, a good trade for the updated skull and crossbones chest emblem, far less cartoony that the original. 

The neck articulation is very limited due to the large ball at the end, and his elbow joints can't even bend to a 45 degree angle, but he can do enough for me. I won't need the extra BAF parts for the Gladiator Hulk, but you'll be able buy those from me at my eBay store soon, if you're interested and live with the lower 48 states! I love the paint deco, accessories, and killer plumed helmet on this action figure- great addition to my Marvel Legends collection!

Below, Ares with his Ragnarok Series mates Gladiator Thor and BAF Gladiator Hulk,
and Angela from the Guardians of the Galaxy Series...

More Later- Make It FUN!

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