Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Marvel Legends Angela

I found this Marvel Legends Angela without the Titus BAF for a heavily discounted price on eBay, which I didn't need anyway as I already had the parts to build mine. I had my eyes on this incredible figure for quite some time, knowing eventually I'd have to pick one up, and she did not disappoint!

There are so many great sculpting and paint details on this action figure that it's hard to believe it's a $20.00 action figure from Hasbro and not some expensive import. I had been reading the Guardians of the Galaxy title in 2013 when Angela made her Marvel debut, acquired  from Image Comics in a legal dispute between Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman, and was excited to see the action figure. All the modern articulation we've come to expect from Hasbro is present, except double-hinged elbows which may have helped handle the sword with both hands, but it's hard to complain about this figure.

Angela's pair of kama have golden blades to match her armor- I'd preferred the blades silver, but they look good, the raised handle wrappings helping her to grip them. I like the sword a  lot, which sheaths neatly onto the back of her belt.

Below, Angela with Hope Summers from the 2012 return of Marvel Legends- I loved the attention to detail on Hope, like Angela, even though she doesn't hold her weapon well at all. Angela is superior in many ways, but visually speaking, these two redheads show how well Hasbro can put together an action figure when they try...

Pictured below, Angela with Kid Nova and Titus from the same Guardians of the Galaxy wave- I'd swore off Marvel Legends some years ago, but Hasbro has really upped their game, these action figures being fine examples...

More Later- Make It FUN!

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