Thursday, October 25, 2018

DC Collectibles Vibe

Another recent eBay find, DC Collectibles Vibe, another New 52 action figure from what I feel was a great moment in the line. For two or three years there around 2011 - 2013, DC Collectibles was making some beautifully sculpted action figures with nice paint apps. I bought several of the New 52 Justice League figures, and what they lacked in articulation was doubly repaid in aesthetics. I picked up the first issue of Vibe's New 52 solo title in February of 2013, and while I didn't stick with it, I did read more issues of different titles relaunched by DC around the sane time. I will say DC Collectibles did a commendable job capturing the character's look, producing a detailed figure with lots of great incised sculpting throughout Vibe's outfit.

Vibe's shoulders are mounted only to a swivel, no hinge to facilitate lateral articulation, and he has nothing in the waist. He utilizes DC Direct's classic Y-hinge at the hips, allowing only forward and back movement, but these figures have always been about aesthetic with less joints to break up the sculpt. While I enjoy a figure with expanded articulation, I do appreciate the beauty of these.

Vibe appeared first in Justice League of America in 1984, the first member of that team to be killed in action. He appeared in Blackest Night as a Black Lantern, but was retconned with the DC New 52 reboot, Cisco Ramon gaining his vibratory powers while being pulled from the event horizon of a boom tube by his brother, who was subsequently killed. Hence the impetus for Cisco becoming the hero Vibe.

Below, Vibe with the DC Collectibles Katana, another figure that came only in a 2-pack (Vibe w/Flash, Katana w/Wonder Woman). Like Vibe, Katana was reintroduced in the New 52 relaunch, and also enjoyed ten issues of her own solo title, starting in February of 2013.

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