Friday, November 8, 2013

DC Collectibles Katana

I was really disappointed when DC Collectibles included this Katana figure is a 2-pack with the New 52 Wonder Woman I already have. Retail on the item was too high for me to justify buying it when I already had one of the figures, and I didn't have high hopes that the figure would be released as a single, but lucked out finding it loose on eBay for the same cost of a single boxed DC Collectible figure. She arrived still attached to the chopped out  plastic cradle of the 2-pack. I read the first few issues of Katana, only stopping because I'd accumulated more comics to read than time allowed- she'd be one for me to catch up on later during a back issue sale, maybe over the holidays. I love the design of this modern samurai, very different from her classic '83 appearance in The Brave & The Bold #200...

Katana was retconned during the 4th wave of DC's New 52 relaunch. Her mystical blade, dubbed the "Soultaker" for it's possession of the souls of all the lives it's taken over the centuries. Forged in the 14th century by mad sword-smith Muramasa, Tatsu Yamashiro's katana blade contained the soul of her late husband for a time, who was murdered by his brother with it in a duel over the girl. Pretty creepy twist to the "tragic family history inspires hero" thing, huh?

Katana grips her blade well, which features a beautifully sculpted and painted handle. The sword fits neatly into the sheath affixed to the figure's back. Her right arm has a swivel in addition to the bicep and elbow joints the left arm has- this helps wield her katana more articulately. She has the typical T-hips DC Direct has used for years so there's no lateral range in the legs, but the swivels at the boot tops help with her stance. Disappointingly, Katana's head has almost no vertical range or tilt, which would have brought some life to her.

Katana's articulation is limited, as DC Direct/DC Collectibles figures are, but a skilled action figure poser can get some variety with a little patience. I bought the figure for her unique look and buck, a smaller female figure among DC Collectibles' line. Her clean, sparse color scheme is marred only by the some rough joint edges on the buttocks and huge, exposed joint in the left shoulder, the right covered by her shoulder guard. The incised lined throughout her body armor are clean though, and her dainty face is neatly painted.

As I said, Katana came only in the 2-pack with Wonder Woman as of yet, which I already had.. The Amazon Warrior is considerably larger than her with a wider stance in the limbs. I love that both these super girls are armed with swords, a favorite accessory of mine! Fun! I wonder who would win in a battle between the two...  In the Flashpoint story line, Katana joins Wonder Woman's Furies, including the likes of Huntress, Giganta,  Hawkgirl, Cheetah, and Vixen against Aquaman and the Atlanteans.  Check out one of my favorite female action figure blogs for an eyeful at ShesFantastic.Com!

In addition to teaming with with Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, and the Justice League of America, Katana ran with Batman and the Outsiders back in the 80's. More recently the samurai appeared as a sidekick to the Dark Knight in the Beware the Batman animated television show, a refreshing twist to the two character's published history.

DC Collectibles Katana with New 52 Justice League Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, and Superman, and DC Direct Arkham City Batman & Robin...

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  1. I really like this new look on her! Almost robotic.

  2. That is a gorgeous figure. I was so hoping for a Katana figure from Beware The Batman but this one is nicely done. I like the head sculpt very much.

  3. She looks so good. I really wish she came single-packed because the last thing I need is another duplicate of that Wonder Woman.