Monday, October 14, 2019

Mego 14" Batman Dark Knight Detective (SDCC Debut)

I am sometimes again sold an item that I'd essentially paid for once, such is the case regarding this 2019 SDCC Debut Dark Knight Detective. Unlike the Classic Batman however, this all-black version has gripping fists that hold his grapple hook, a different belt, and a smaller chest emblem. Mego also pinned the cape onto the chest just above with a few stitches. I've said before what fond memories I have of the summer of '89, when Keaton debuted this look for Batman in Tim Burton's blockbuster -it's not a direct representation, but nostalgia kicks in. These go for twenty bucks at Target, unless if you find them on sale, as I have more than twice. I have yet to buy any of the new 8" Mego dolls since the company's sudden return, but eventually caved to the retro appeal of these oversized DC figures. Some 1:6 scale collectors bemoan the unique, taller scale, and some just don't have room for them, but there's no denying the wow factor of the 14" line. Check out the video:

Above, Batman Dark Knight Detective with my Mego 14" Classic Batman. Below, with my Applause 10.5" Batman Returns vinyl, and my Mattel 6" DC Universe Classics Batman.

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