Monday, March 7, 2011

DCUC All-Star Batman

Like the Deathstroke I posted about earlier, Bats here is a DCUC All-Star, a reissue from DCUC Wave 10. I was glad to get him, though you should be able to pick up the Wave 10 Black Bats at a reasonable price- I was glad to get the posing base that comes with the All-Star also. This might be a good time to mention that some DCUC action figures don't work well with these bases- they can be expensive in my opinion, so check to see the figures you want one for to see if they fit or even benefit from a stand.

Batman comes with a batarang and another really cool accessory- a bat-laptop computer for detective work in the field! It's the coolest thing- even folds closed!

Some folks don't care for the all-black version of Batman- I think he's cool! I remember my teenage anticipation for the 1989 motion picture Batman, seeing the promotional photos of Michael Keaton in the new costume, and lining up at the theatre with a throng of very enthusiastic fans- excitement was in the air!

Here's a shot of him with some other Batman action figures I have...
*With Sinestro Batman and Azrael Batman:

*With DC Direct 6 3/4" Reactivated Batman, Hasbro 9" Masterpiece Edition Batman, DC Direct 13" Batman, Mattel 8" Retro Action Batman and 6 3/4" DC Direct New Frontier Batman. I have a few other really cool Batman action figures, too- a few unopened. Batman was my favorite childhood superhero, as he was for a lot of us toy collectors- there's always another one to collect!

* Visual checklist & reviews of the DCUC line at DCClassics.Com!


  1. I remember when the Batman movie came out, a former schoolmate of mine was the first person in-line at the local cinema (he camped out from about 8 AM, so it wasn't like it is now with people camping outside for days) and the cinema owners ended-up letting him in for free...

  2. Great post, Super C. I love this black Batman, too. It reminds me of the illustrated Batman that was on the Toybiz Batman, Batmobile, Batwing packaging in 1989. The illustrated versions of Batman showed a kind of mix between the black movie Batman costume and the Keaton costume. I never thought I'd ever say it but I do dig Batman in all black like the movies. That's one of the great things about Batman, too, is that he works in so many different incarnations.

    Love that last shot with all the Batmans!! ...makes the Batman collector side of me all giddy. :)

  3. Thanx, B! Yes, I wish Mattel would make me a Keton Batman!