Monday, November 24, 2014

Batman '66 #14

     I only bought the first three issues of Batman '66, but it was too hard to pass on issue #14 with the gigantic Batrobot by husband & wife art team of Michael & Laura Allred! I really became a fan of their work when reading the Marvel Now! FF title last year, and picked up the new Silver Surfer title when they launched that title. Several other perfectly complimenting artists have taken turns on the interior art, but the Allreds draw me in with their covers! The stories I've read in this title have been fun, the spirit of Adam West left intact.
     In issue #14, Batman & Robin have taken advantage of the engineering talents of reformed criminal Professor Overbeck in developing a 24/7 Gotham sentinel in the form of Batrobot! Subsequently, Bruce Wayne and his young ward Dick Grayson enjoy some time off fishing, as Gotham seems calm after Batrobot takes over. Eventually, the Dynamic Duo must return, the strictly logical deductions of the Batrobot undone by the mad schemes of the Joker and Riddler! "Machines... computers... they have enormous values. Yet ultimately, they are tools, not a substitute for people. When we hand over  our lives to them, we stand to lose much in the process.", concludes the Dark Knight.

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