Thursday, February 22, 2018

Marvel Legends 2017 Walmart Exclusive Black Panther

On the heels of my last post, I thought I'd share my third Black Panther action figure acquired in the last couple months. This was an update to the 2013 Rocket Raccoon Series Black Panther, receiving a cape, extra hands, necklace, and spear. I never got that 2013 Black Panther, so this is like a second chance. I've seen some of my Instagram friends find him on clearance, but I don't recall seeing him in the wild, eventually buying him for a pretty good price with free shipping from an eBay seller.

The cape was actually borrowed from the 2008 Red Hulk Wave's Adam Warlock, and the spear from the 2015 Rhino Wave's Kraven. Not sure where the necklace came from, but would be surprised if it wasn't a recycle of some sorts, the origin of which I cannot determine.

The elbows are a little rubbery on this guy, and the wrist posts are a little too slender- I could see the latter being a problem if changing the hands often, but mine probably got changed more photographing him than he'll get the rest of his time in my collection.

Another mild issue worth noting is the noticeable gap in the abdominal hinge. Built on the Bucky Cap body, I've heard speculation by some YouTube reviews that this six year old mold had worn with age. But I've seen reference photos at MarvelLegends.Net that show gappage, so I feel it's always been an issue with that buck, perhaps less pronounced on Black Panther due to his plain torso. All said, this is a pretty cool action figure! He has good accessories, even if recycled, which are suitable with this comic-inspired interpretation of the character.

Black Panther with Marvel Legends Shuri that came in a 2pk with Klaw I reviewed last week-
What a great pair!

Below, Marvel Legends 2017 Walmart Exclusive Black Panther with the new 2018 Walmart exclusive Vibranium Suit Black Panther, and 2018 movie Black Panther Series Black Panther:

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  1. Yeah, it adds something! Thanx 4 reading, Kim!

  2. I love this post. I am so totally into anything Black Panther right now. I know I should have seen this coming from way back but I didn't think I would have it this strong. Would love to find me an Okoya and of course that Legends Panther is awesome Marvel Select has one too so I have to get that one. And I love the Funkos with the ceremonial paint jobs. More Okoye. Oh and hte Okoye popcorn bucket. I am going to see a matinee this week just to get the popcorn bucket.