Saturday, April 14, 2018

Marvel Legends 10.5" Wolverine

I almost couldn't believe what a cool figure Hasbro was dropping when I saw the announcements for this 10.5" Marvel Legends Series Wolverine. I'd been impressed with most of the previous 1:6 scale figures from this series, but this one really tapped so deeply into my '80s/'90s nostalgia that I preordered him on Big Bad Toy Store's site. Wolverine did not disappoint, check out the video:

The accessories really made this Wolverine worth the full retail price of fifty bucks, particularly the unmasked head and empty mask accessory that hangs over the figure's back from around the neck, a feature I loved about the recent Retro Series Wolverine. The berserker head is also really well painted and sculpted, with battle-distressed shoulder pads included to complement. Ferocious! I'd have preferred gripping hands and a katana to the alternate fists with claws retracted, since his claws can be individually removed anyway. And the articulation on this Wolverine is outstanding, the butterfly joints at the shoulders adding the kind of posing dynamics required of a character like Wolverine. 

Below, Wolverine with my other Marvel Legends 1:6 scale figures:
the SDCC Exclusive Daredevil, the massive 14.5" Hulk, and Iron Man...

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