Sunday, July 5, 2020

Marvel Legends Iron Man 2020

Initially excited about the Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends Iron Man 2020, I cooled on the idea while waiting several months to finally find a single boxed specimen in the wild at the end of June. I'm not fond of the Walgreens exclusive game, though I've had mostly good luck with some effort. I'd read some Iron Man 2020 from 1994 on Marvel Unlimited in preparation, but have yet to read the 4-part Machine Man series from 1984, where the character debuts at the end of the second issue. As you can see, Hasbro captured artist Herb Trimpe's premiere of  Tony Stark's first cousin once removed from the future of  multiverse world Earth-8410, Arno Stark. Iron Man 2020 uses his armor as a mercenary for hire instead and to undo Stark Industries' competitors. Not really a hero at all.

The blast-off accessories raising the figure 3 inches higher are the feature of what is included, locking together at the base pieces. Hasbro is starting to take cues from more premium action figure lines and including more accessories like this, which we will also see with the forthcoming classic War Machine. We also get repulsor blasts for the hands and extra fists. Pretty damn good for twenty bucks.

Iron Man 2020 is pretty much a repaint of the recent 80th Anniversary Iron Man, which was the classic Iron Man we had been waiting for. Hasbro did a decent job with the parts upgrade, including the new head sculpt, which seemed to bother a lot of collectors. I loved it however, feeling it it captured the antihero's look perfectly, and was a big draw for me personally. 

Below, Iron Man 2020 flanked by Marvel Legends Black Panther wave Invincible Iron Man and Iron Man 3 wave Heroic Age Iron Man... 

This character has been a curiosity for me. Hasbro produced a 3.75" Marvel Universe version, Playskool a yet smaller Superhero Squad figure, and Diamond a MiniMates version, so it's fun seeing a new Marvel Legends Iron Man 2020. I'm a sucker for Iron Man figures in general, and though there is a lot of use from the admittedly loved 80th Anniversary classic Iron Man, there was enough here to make me feel like I was getting a new figure.

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