Saturday, December 4, 2021

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman XL (Bat Tech Blue)

After enjoying the Imaginext Batwing and Apokolips Armor Batman minifigures in my last post, I happened upon one of those Imaginext XL Batman figures with a deco I had not previously seen. As I said before, I sold off all my Imaginext stuff in a collection purge, but I'm always looking because it's such a great toy line. When Fisher-Price dropped a few of these 10" Imaginext XL figures awhile back, I took notice. Yes, these are for kids 3-8, but as an adult I enjoy them as I would any large vinyl toy. It's oversized features, articulation, and soft goods cape are exactly like the minifigures I loved- I'd like to have three or four of the different Batman variants to line up in a display. 

Below, Bat Tech Batman XL with my Imaginext 

Again, the Fisher-Price Imaginext line is a fantastic, successful toy line I'd recommend for any kid, vast in scope with countless minifigures, fun playsets, and vehicles that will set their imagination alight. These XL figures are very affordable at ten bucks each, and are sturdily constructed for rough play. Mine will sit on the shelf where I can simply enjoy it's clean toyetic design- perhaps with a few more in a small collection. Recommended!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Still the best toy photos in the business. I have been searching for the past half hour. Love it.

    1. Thanx Cal! Cave of Cool is the stuff of legend! I sometimes fear my blog is past its prime since all the kids have taken to Instagram, and the number of action figure photographers has grown exponentially. BUT ... I just enjoy the activity :)