Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Marvel Select Vision & Red Hulk

 Diamond's Marvel Select line has had several new 7" figures solicited recently, including comic book versions of classic Vision and Red Hulk. While there are several such characters, Vision is one I get a little more excited for regarding action figures. I'm unsure Vision even registered on my childhood brain with so many other Marvel characters hogging the spotlight, but I took to him much later as an adult after reading Avengers: Kree-Skrull War (issues #89-97). While this newer Marvel Select does included articulation improved well beyond a lot of older figures from Diamond, it's not on the level of a Marvel Legends. It's serviceable however, and the classic look is intact, like Vision walked right off the paged of a Bronze-Age comic. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the number of accessories that came with Vision. including a blast effect hand, flattened/flight hand, blast effect for the wrist, and extra teeth-gritting head with removeable Solar Jewel (later the Mind Gem in the MCU) and forehead blast effect that mounts into the port. This all adds a lot of display value.

Below, Marvel Select Vision with my 9" ToyBiz Famous 

I kind of regretted not picking up the Marvel Legends Red Hulk Target was selling three or four years ago, so I was happy to see this new Marvel Select Red Hulk. I love the head sculpt, but we got TWO head sculpts with the recent Marvel Select Immortal Hulk, which shares 100% the rest of this figure's body- we should have got a Robert Maverick head with shades and a mustache.

While I sold most of my 3.75" Marvel Universe collection, I did keep some of the Hulks, including my Red Hulk. Ironically, I've taken to collecting Hasbro's more recent 3.75" Marvel Legends on those retro cards. So cool.

While the bare minimum was put into this Red Hulk, I did love that Immortal Hulk body, and the head sculpt is fantastic. Great figure! Diamond did throw down on the accessories for Vision, so in spite of his smaller stature, he felt a little more special. I don't buy every Marvel Select, but these are two I wanted for my humble collection. They have more updated articulation than the earlier Marvel Select and do capture the essence of both characters. Recommended!

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  1. I'll be adding Vision to my collection soon. I really like the sculpt. Red Hulk is pretty awesome, too!

    1. there have been several new Marvel Select coming out recently- I preordered the new Skrull, Beata Ray Bill, and Apocalypse