Monday, November 22, 2010

D.C. Direct New Frontier Outtakes

I enjoyed these toys so much that I thought I'd share some leftover photos from the the D.C New Frontier box set I reviewed in my last post- so retro-cool!

*My review of this D.C. Direct New Frontier box set!
*D.C. Comics NewFrontier page!
*Artist Darwyn Cooke's blog (author of D.C. New Frontier)
*Green Arrow figure from this series- had to rescue him, read about it HERE.


  1. i LOVE ur collection
    it looks vintage, yet it's brand new toys

  2. Damn you SD. Everytime I read your blog I end up adding more toys to my own wishlist. That Superman looks amazing btw, very flectsher-ish!

  3. GREAT shots, Batman! These look even better than the last ;>

  4. Interesting that they changed the face on Wonder Woman for this release, the single release has the eyes squinted.

  5. Pay ten dollars less than I did- get the box set on clearance at Mike's Comics N' Stuff:
    Merry Christmas!