Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

I know I just did a segment (or double-surprise segment, rather) of Hey, Mr. Postman, but I swear that FOUR boxes of toys arrived the very next day- Hooray!! Things just get more entertaining by the day here, Friends- what can I say? Let's take a quick peek:

It was a pretty good haul, Kids...

*14" Cosmic Power Galactus by ToyBiz (1997) - he lights up and bellows "I HUNGER!"  I am entertained! Two AA batteries were already inserted for me... more pics of him later! (...also received two free issues of Fantastic Four with this guy, that's nice) $32.90, priced included shipping.

*Another Marvel Famous Covers 9" figure for my ever-growing collection, The Scarlet Witch will keep Storm company and safe from all the boy dollies... ok, now I feel like a sissy (laughs)! BubbaShelby is really gonna razz me...  Got her for a song ($16.99, price included shipping- but you can usually find her for not much more, so be careful), and I really enjoy her retro-looking outfit- FUN!

*10" Marvel Universe Black Panther by ToyBiz... I could not believe how little they wanted for him ($14.00, price included shipping). He is quite the rarity, and could only find one of him on E-Bay. I saw him for $60.00 on Amazon, but never for less than that. He's in such good shape that I'm afraid to open him... MIB, Folks...   ...sorry about the crappy picture...

*10" Marvel Universe Polaris- I recall very little about this X-Men Heroine, donning her 90's X-Factor outfit in this version. Honestly, I bought her because she is one of the  more obscure X-Men, the price was so great, and I have been in a rock band named Polaris for 24 years... she has green hair, People...

Could it get better than this, friends?? As it turns out, yes it can...
SURPRISE! Double Dose of "Hey, Mr. Postman!"

That's right- this very morning, the postman plopped another box in front of my door! My PRIZE FROM THE COMMENT CONTEST on Action Figure Blues...  D.C. Universe Classics Starman!! Very retro-cool!

A very special thanks to Action Figure Blues and Mike's Comics 'N Stuff in Anaheim, CA for the extremely cool action figure- I LOVE IT! You guys are Awesome!
Join Mike and myself at the Action Figure Blues Forum- some really fun people congregate there to talk about what you love most: comics and action figures!

Before we go I just want to tell you something important, something that has been on my mind:  It's healthy to enjoy toys, most especially if you are an adult- this tough old world has failed to strip you of your joy, your playfulness, and your imagination. And with your imagination you can do anything- don't ever let anyone tell you any different! Now look at this overflowing cornucopia of toys in the corner... gonna (laughs) need another case!


  1. very NICE Colin :) I love how your display cabinet is filling up with the lovely figures AWESOME!!

    not sure if you are aware but if you don't intend to play with Galactus electronic features i.e. more display than play, you should think about taking out the batteries because they might leak over time and that would totally mess up the cool electronic feature. just my two cents worth (I've learnt this the hard and painful way) CHEERS

  2. Yes, thank you- I press his (laughs) button at least twice a day :D

  3. Wow thats quite a lot of haul in such a short time!

  4. "Got her for a song"

    Haha I bet it was a 'Village People' song! ;)

  5. Oooh that (laughs) puts an Abba song in my head, Dude! :D
    You are a Very Bad Boy.

  6. First of all I LOVE your site. Great pictures of the figures that are on par with what Alex does over at Toy Haven which you need to go to if you haven't been there already. You inspire me to do more posts about my collection of stuff.

    Secondly, I have Supergirl Barbie, Batgirl Barbie and Superman Ken - and they are STILL action figures - don't let anyone tell you different.

    Thanks for following me because if you hadn't I might have missed out on all the great stuff you have here.

  7. Oh hey, thanx Kal... BubbaShelby turned me onto your Cave of Coolness!
    And yes, I'm a HUGE fan of Alex's Toyhaven, so that's a big compliment, thanx :) Great to make your acquaintance!
    I love to make fun with the "dollies" 'cause ChunkyB at Eclectorama likes to (laughs) razz me about 'em :D