Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

That's right- it's time for another installment of Hey, Mr. Postman! here at the Super-DuperToyBox! If you are beginning to wonder, if you are starting to get the impression that there are always parcels of toys arriving at my apartment faster than I can write about them, well... you would be (laughs) correct! I'm WAY behind, LOL! Things get more and more fun here by the day, I swear! I got this haul about nine days ago:

*I won a set of four D.C. Direct 1st Appearance action figures on E-Bay for the paltry sum of $31.01 (price included shipping)! This was an exceptional deal Friends, due the well known fact that the Robin figure alone can go for upwards of $25.00 alone, and I've seen people asking for way more. 1st Appearance Superman can fetch the same kinds of prices. I had to E-Snipe some poor fool at the last second to win them, but all is fair in love and toy collecting...  I have six of these retro-cool series action figures now- I love their styling and fabric capes! They make me feel like a kid again!

*D.C. New Frontier, Vol.1.  I'll confess: I LOVE Darywn Cooke's artwork. This is a GREAT story that I enjoyed immensely! See my entry on the New Frontier action figures I got before I read the book- FUN toys!

*Hasbro Marvel Legends 6" Scarlet Spider came loose in his own box- I had two other Marvel Legends Spidermen that I love, and I like this guy too... I like the reworking of the red and blue suit and the metallic wristbands. I had recently read a 1996 comic featuring this Spider-Man (Ben Reilly, not Peter Parker) teamed up with Gambit & Howard The Duck- the artwork was great!

DOUBLE BONUS ROUND of Hey, Mr. Postman!

Yes, because I'm behind on these, and this delivery was somewhat related, let's take a peek at what arrived just a few days later, m'kay?

*D.C. New Frontier, Vol.2. I finished this two volume series just a couple nights ago, and I must say it was a great ride! It would behoove you to check into this great story of these classic D.C. heroes set in the Cold War Era. Check out D.C. Comics New Frontier page! I was cheering out loud by the end of it! GREAT, I say!

*Related to another fun graphic novel I read just last year, Alan Moore's seminal tome Watchmen- D.C. Direct Series 1 Nite Owl. This character appeals to me for a very specific reason- he's a lot like Batman. His nocturnal alias, reliance on gadgetry, inherited wealth, and scientific background bears an uncanny resemblance to the Dark Knight. The outfit featured on this figure is based on the updated Nite Owl from the 2009 motion picture Watchmen rather than the 1986 comic book version- he'll fit right in with my other 6" D.C. figures!  

Well, I was feeling somewhat blue today for some reason, but writing about toys seems to have lifted my spirits... that and news that known dolly persecutor BubbaShelby had purchased a "larger-scale action figure that features a cloth outfit"! Shiver me timbers! ...Boy, was I ever (laughs) delighted! I am CERTAINLY looking forward to seeing a picture of this toy!


  1. ALRIGHT! You're BACK, I'm GLAD :) GREAT scores BTW really loving the toys you're bringing into your home CHEERS

  2. Sweet Nite Owl figure the only one i have seen was the golden age version at our Toys R Us and it has not dropped in price just yet.

  3. I really like that 1st appearance Robin - don't know why I've never picked him up!