Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hey, Mr.Postman!

I know it seems like toys are being dropped at my doorstop every other day, and well it's because it's true. I've found (laughs) a lot I like out there, and there's more on the way!  But seriously, I'm havin' a ball over here, and there's plenty to write about and photograph. But first I want to show you the latest haul I scored on E-Bay...

*D.C. Direct First Appearance Batman! I've seen him go for as much as $45.00 lately, but I only paid half that (shipping included). I love this 6" version, which is a lot like my 9" Masterpiece Edition "Bob Kane" Batman. This one also has wire armatures in Batman's poseable cape- very cool!

*6" Justice League International Batman! He was really different- has an almost metallic blue cowl, cape and boots. Very serious look on this guy... that's like, Batman #7 for me... What can I say? I like Batman. There's another coming as well...

*Marvel Legends Series II Hulk (2002) less points of articulation that my later 1st Appearace Hulk, but still a beauty- ripped lab coat variant... came with a comic book, that's nice. I am really starting to like these 1:12 scale Marvel Legends figures -Hulk is really about 8"/roughly 1:10, but scaled to be appropriately larger than his Marvel Universe counterparts).

*9" Origins Spiderman, black suit variant- I've had a 1st appearance variant of this that I haven't shown you yet, they'll make a fun pair! I Like the Hasbro Spiderman dolls... err, ummm action figures better than the Famous Cover versions, which have mittens over the hands (not cool unless you are a Mego Batman).

*9" Origins Punisher by Hasbro (2006)  -My first Punisher, bought him as a set with Black Spidey above for $34.99 (price included shipping), not bad! Would not have necessarily have bought them separately, but together for that price I would.

Surprise!! Bonus Edition of "Hey, Mr. Postman!"...

Yes, just yesterday I recieved  my 9" Origins Wolverine! He's always priced through the roof, but my patience paid off last week when I found one for under $20.00 (price included shipping)... a very good deal...

Well I'm bushed,'s time to curl up in bed with the Marvel Essential Fantastic Four, Vol.3 I've started. I hope you sleep well and dream of wonderful TOYS- make your tomorrow a great one!


  1. What a haul! Nice work buddy.

  2. many many nice toys you got there Colin :) looking forward to seeing your pictures

  3. The rate at which you are acquiring toys is cracking me up!! I told you it was a slippery slope. However, I know you are just making up for lost time... and it looks like you are having a blast. I think it's cool that you are opening almost all of them, too. In some ways, it's not "yours" until you open it. I kind of wish more of my collection was open.... I know I can "fix" that easily but it's hard to open something that's been sealed for years and years. :)

    Enjoying all the posts!

  4. Glad you like them men- a closer inspection as time allows!
    Brian, yes you were right (laughs)-it IS a slippery slope! But I'm having such a good time with this blog and the toys & comics... it's been a real blessing :) I'm having postcards made for the blog- HaHa! :D
    And Brian, it's a short life- Go ahead & open some of those toys... they want to held and "played with" :)

  5. Just some sweet toys to add to your collection congrats.