Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December DCUC Haul

In my earlier post on 2011 Collecting Goals, I resolved to spend more cautiously- well, that's my resolution for 2011, and it was still (laughs) 2010 last time I looked! I had also mentioned in that same post that I would be grabbing some more 6" DC Universe Classics, and since I was gifted some cash for Christmas, I decided to have some FUN and spend some of it on these toys I love. I have said before that I never thought I'd get into 6" action figures, but ever since I won a DCUC Starman on the comment contest at Action Figure Blues, I've been crazy over this line. Let's see how I did...

*DCUC Fates Intertwined HawkGirl Vs. Gentleman Ghost! (Wal-Mart Exclusive) Have you priced a DCUC Gentleman Ghost on the internet lately? I saw one for up for $200.00 the other day, and landing a Hawkgirl can be pricey, too. Gentleman Ghost is SO cool- his lower extremities are clear plastic that fades into a clean white... really nice. I about fell over when I was trolling the toy isle at Wal-Mart the other day and saw this for just over $32.00- I knew I'd find myself there again buying it! Dreams DO come true, Friends...

*DCUC Wave 14 Todd Rice (Obsidian) & Hourman! (Wave 14 is a Wal-Mart Exclusive) To be honest, I know nothing of Obsidian & Hourman other than I just liked them- Obsidian has a cool, evil outfit, & Hourman looks retro (from 1940) which I also like...

*DCUC Wave 14 Gold & DCUC All-Star Green Arrow! I already have Iron from The Metal Men, and Mercury is on the way (pre-ordered), so I couldn't resist Gold- so cool with his snap-on hand accessories! Like Gentleman Ghost & Hawkgirl, Green Arrow was released in 2009- these are re-releases. I've heard this Green Arrow has a slightly different paint job. Just read DC Final Crisis, which includes an appearance by this classic DC character...

*DCUC All-Star Nightwing! (Toys 'R Us Exclusive) This is basically a repaint of the other DCUC All-Star Nightwing I have, but I liked him a lot. I'm not a completist who must have every variant figure, but he was fun to get!

I've found that in a lot of instances, it is cheaper to get these while they are in store as opposed to getting them later on the internet, paying a jacked-up price and additional shipping costs, so I got some of these while the getting is good!

-See the visual checklist of these action figures at DCClassics.Com


  1. Congrats on the 2-pack just awesome looking.

  2. is that not The Bomb? LOL!
    I'm a lucky fellow, and I probably don't deserve half of it, but that was sure FUN! :D