Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman! DCUC Wave 13 Cheetah (Variant)

Seems like a day doesn't pass around here without a DC Classic strollin' through the door... hobby or hoarding, hard to tell! They are hard to pass up on E-Bay for five to six bucks less that you pay retail, and as I said before, I pretty much missed the first 15 waves. Whaddaya gonna do?

Cheetah was released in October of 2010, along with that Jamie Reis Blue Beetle I showed you. This is the variant, the other being the classic DC styled Cheetah.

I was skeptical of the DCUC females due to their extremely thin, frail looking physique, and had passed on them until recently. In fact I'd passed up the classic DCUC Cheetah more than once, but had the opportunity to pick up this variant loose for just under ten bucks on E-Bay. I'm glad I didn't pay retail, because her hip and neck articulation leave a lot to be desired, BUT... she has the most dainty, cute, little hands... and wild-ass, rocker-chick hair! Though I still haven't opened the HawkGirl, Donna Troy, or Black Canary I've recently purchased, and I'm currently eyeing an adorable Mary Batson (Marvel Girl). I've grown soft on these poor waifs... what can I say? (laughs) I'm a sensitive dude  :D

Let's peek in on a photo session with Cheetah and a couple of her male DCUC counterparts, both with different buck:

"...Oh these DCUC a superhero's work ever done...?

"OK people: Look Epic!"

"Oh no, SinBats! You are ummm, walking right into the frame..."

"Hal what... what's going on here....I...Huh?"
"We're... (sigh), were in the middle of a shoot, SinBats... (sigh)...

"Oh... WELL, I can SEE that, I..."

"...I guess I'll just be, um... I just be leaving then. I can see I'm in the way, hmph...!

"Well GREAT, now he's mad...

"Why he insists on showing up when he's not needed... and then his feelings get hurt... Oh the upcoming group shots are gonna be FUN, lotsa FUN!"

"I dunno Sugar, I was havin' an okay time... howsa 'bout you?"
"Heh, Heh... yeah, kitty cat...."

"(mumbles)... just would like for someone to tell me, just for once, what..."

"...what... are you still here...? What in the... Don't you have someplace to be?"

"... no place to be, just here... taking pictures of me... making a fool of myself, great... that's great...(mumbles)..."

Ooops! Make that three different male body sculpts from the DCUC line... yeah, Sinestro Batman is really a (laughs) standout, even in this crowd! Oh well... I hope you enjoyed it!

*Cheetah at ComicVine.Com!
* Visual checklist & reviews of the DCUC line at DCClassics.Com!


  1. NOW that's a GREAT photo-shoot :) Two thumbs UP!

  2. Ha Ha :D Thanks, Alex... that made me laugh out loud at one point! Hey, I know how to entertain myself!

  3. Am not for sure if i like this version of the figure or not reminds me a lot of Marvel's Tigra.

  4. yeah... she's okay. she DOES look like Tigra! Alot of Marvel & DC hero types kinda cross over, don't they? I like the Black Canary & Donna Troy better!

  5. Great job! An excellent attempt at humor. The Sinestro Batman made me laugh. The expression on his face fits really well with the dialogue. *mumbles*

  6. ha ha, yes that one really looked funny to me when editing the photos... i'm no comedian, but the pissed-off look on his face slayed me :D
    i'm unsure if anyone else thought it was as funny as i did, but i suppose the point of this blog IS to amuse myself :D