Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DC Direct JSA Kingdom Come Superman

Like Sinestro in my last post, this is another action figure based on the artwork of Alex Ross. In the Kingdom Come story arc, this older Superman (from Earth 22) is a much stronger yet alienated version of the big blue boyscout, unable to find any decency in a future world of lawlessness. I have this book on the list to read in the coming months- sounds very interesting. As I've said before, coming back into reading comics after being away for almost two decades, I'm really behind on some reading that many of you might feel is old news. I hope I'm not boring you too much, because to me it's all very exciting!

There is another DC Direct Reactivated Series version of this guy, but he's not nearly as cool as this one- this Alex Ross Justice Society of America version is the one to buy. His body proprortions look more natural, the face sculpt is superior, and as limited as DCD's articulation is- he's got more.  This one can be more expensive- I got him brand new for under ten bucks, plus shipping, which was about as good a deal as I could find. A reader recently commented on my ability to find a good deal, asking how I do it. The answer is simple: a lot of time trolling the internet combined with a lot of patience. Additionally, on a figure like this I searched on eBay using keywords like "JSA" (Justice Society of America), and "Kingdom Come Superman". I look for the lowest price, and keep an eye on it, not bidding until the last few seconds- sometimes using ESnipe to automatically do the work for me. There is no magic, and I don't always get what I'm looking for. Research what you are looking for, too- it's nothing for me to spend a couple evenings scouring the internet to both find the best price and learn all I can about the product. That's part of the fun!

Kingdom Come Superman is 7" tall, bigger than your Mattel DCUCs, and even some DC Direct figures.  As I've said before, DC Direct's oft decried scale issues are of little concern to me- I appreciate these on an individual basis, and Supes here is a beauty! Let's compare him to some other Superman figures I have:

*with DC Direct New Krypton Superman...

*with Mattel Wave 11 DCUC Superman, DC Direct 13" Deluxe Collector Edition Classic Superman, & Mattel 8" Retro-Action Superman!

... and no, that isn't all the Superman figures I have! Those were (laughs) just a few with reach  :D  This is the Super-DuperToyBox, after all.  Maybe I'll get them all together for a photo some day in the future- if you want to see the others, just search under the "Superman" tag at the right side of the blog.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it! Next up: photos/report from the Cullen Bunn comic book signing I attended tonight!

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  1. Those look great. I love the darkness of his chest emblem. So perfect for the story (Kingdom Come) which is my favorite of all time. But you need ALL the pages especially the ones that show what happens 1000 years into the future.