Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tuesday Toy Haul!

Getting toys in the mail is fun, but more enjoyable is a good, old fashioned, street-level action figure hunt! I had seen some of these Mattel Justice League Unlimited toys before, but was on the look out for Brave & The Bold figures at the time, so I refrained from buying any. I usually have Tuesday off, and so this week I ran around to see what I could find. I was coming up empty at the Wal-Mart and K-Mart stores in the county, which had other Mattel figures, but none of these. Toys 'R Us didn't offer much in the way of Justice League Unlimited either, but Target did. Mattel's toy distribution is all over the place- I can't figure it out! Annoying! To add insult to injury, if Wal-Mart, Target, or anyone else runs out, they don't seem to restock anything- at least not DC/Mattel toys. Meanwhile there is usually an abundance of Spider-Man, Thor, and other Marvel in every darned Retail Big Box in town! Again, annoying! In all fairness, I am usually behind on everything, being a newbie and all. All these packages have (laughs) 2008 or 2009 on the back- I'm buying all the peg warmers! Well it takes all kinds, Folks... even those late for the dance :D  I did well this past sunny Tuesday, though- check it out:

*Justice League Unlimited Green Lantern/Manhunter Robot  Fan Collection 3 Pack
This set sealed the deal for me! Of the 3-packs I saw in the wild, this was hands-down the coolest. I couldn't believe it when I saw one on the peg! So happy together! I'm more of a Hal Jordan kinda guy, but I like the John Stewart Green Lantern, too. And I love the idea of Manhunter Robot- well intentioned technology gone awry. Been digging on some GL lately, Kids- in fact I'm wearing a power ring, and a Green Lantern shirt as I write this :D

*Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection Power Ring
Don't be fooled! Power Ring is the evil Green Lantern from Earth 3 on a parallel universe! Dig on the giant, green hand-construct accessory... nice...

 *Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection Parasite
I been reading about Parasite in Alex Ross' Justice (DC, Oct. 2005- Aug.2007) lately- he absorbs the powers from different heroes, making him a deadly adversary...

*Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection Brainiac
I have three other Brainiac figures, this one sharing the design/color scheme of my DC Direct New Krypton Brainiac... I just read Superman: Brainiac (DC, 2008) and loved it!

*Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection Martian Manhunter
You didn't think I'd leave John Stewart GL alone with these baddies, did ya? Fear not- J'onn J'onzz, most powerful hero in the DC Universe is here! There was a more conventional variant of J'onn on the peg, but I fell in love with this one at first sight- so great with the shape-shift hand accessory. Fun!

In closing, I know Matty Collector was having their big April Sale today, but I didn't buy The Retro-Action Sinestro Corps Sinestro I wanted. Shipping was nine dollars, and $30.00 was past my tolerance for one toy, as much as I love those dollies action figures. I definitely consider shipping as part of a real cost for the toy. My international friends would probably love to have that low of a cost and the kind of availability we have here in the states, but we all have a threshold and that passed mine. If they would have offered the upcoming John Stewart simaltaneously, maybe.  And I already bought fun toys this week anyway, so I tried to (laughs) show some restraint!

Also- sorry about these pictures! These turned out not-so-great, LOL! I'll show some good shots of these fun toys very soon! Seeing these on Alex and Bubba's blogs recently really got me interested- Bubba compared us to the Justice League International recently- take a look on my Blogs of Note on the sidebar here at the Super-DuperToyBox sometime to see some great toy blogs from across the globe!

More Later! Keep Having Fun!


  1. Once again, GREAT haul :) you seem to be hitting them out of the ball park every time. Every post, every haul is a DELIGHT and feast for the eyes and a deep yearning from the heart because (and I'll say it again haha) you have it GOOD over there - so many toys and so much FUN XD Over here, it's mostly Marvel because Mattel doesn't even have a presence SIGH anyhoo GREAT score, AGAIN! Enjoy the weekend as I know you will, Super-D

  2. Do any of these glow in the dark? Somehow I think a few of these should... somehow...

  3. Excellent pick-ups Super-D congrats. : )

  4. Thanx Men!
    No, Novelty- no glow in the dark