Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DC Action League: White Lantern Sinestro Vs. Green Lantern!

White Lantern Sinestro was an interesting choice for Mattel in this line, and one I welcomed. From the recent Blackest Night story arc, Sinestro temporarily gains the powers of a White Lantern, but ultimately fails in his attempt to defeat Nekron, who tears the Life Entity (sentient manifestation of all life) from Sinestro. Sinestro's over-sized ego was his downfall in the confrontation, having to be rescued from Nekron & the other Black Lanterns by Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire). DC Direct released an exclusive White Lantern Sinestro at Wondercon in San Francisco last year that goes for a lot of dough now- running for about $60.00 on the open market, and like the Green Lantern Batman, I'm not willing to go there.

This is my favorite of the Series One DC Action League pairs, and I'd been eyeing it for awhile.  He was the last one on the pegs at my local Wal-Mart last Friday night. I can't believe it took me that long to pick this set up. As I said before, I'm seriously into Green Lantern right now, having read a couple Blackest Night books this past winter, Tales of the Sinestro Corps after that, and The Sinestro Corps War just this week.

They did such a great job with these toys... the packaging, the poses, colors, and face sculpts are just great. And the tiny tampograph imprint on the power rings and the chest emblems are impressive! So many good things are going on with these toys, and this set in particular, that I declare this to be a solid value at $6.97!

And now a group shot with some of my other Hal Jordan GL action figures, just for fun :)  Clockwise from the left: DC Direct New Frontier Hal Jordan, DC Direct Blackest Night Hal Jordan (still in clamshell), Mattel DCUC Hal Jordan, DC Action League Hal Jordan (w/my GL ring!), and Fisher Price Imaginext Hal Jordan:

I wanted to split these Action League posts up a little so I could include some comparison shots with some other toys, such as I did with Captain Boomerang Vs. Flash, without making each post too long.  I'll show  Firestorm Vs. Deathstorm next, but until then visit  Come, See Toys blog to see more pictures of these Series One Action League figures!


  1. A whole lot of Green there my friend bot in figures and money spent lol.

  2. i thought you called me "friend-bot" due to your typo there, lol. yeah, there's some dough there, but the biggest GL of them all is on the way as we speak... ;)

  3. Awesome! I really dig these little guys but they're really expensive down here in Singapore, about 3 times the cost in the States. They've actually become peg warmers. The minute they go on clearance though... ;)

  4. Oh yeah, and Geoff Johns is simply brilliant! What he did with Blackest Night and the stuff abt the Corps before...man, you also have got to read Brightest Day! :)

  5. Mmmm- yes, not worth more than i bought them for- hang in there for the clearance! i have some of the Brightest Day issues on deck 2 read, but i'd like to have the TPB some day

  6. Another fine addition to the collection :) loving the group shots. They just look so nice together haha Have FUN!