Monday, May 30, 2011

Video Blog: Wave 3 DC Action League Found in The Wild!

Oh Man! So I'm at Wal-Mart tonight picking up some coffee for the morning, and they already have the third wave of DC Action League by Mattel there! Well, most of them anyway... I wasn't gonna pass on these...

Hal Jordan & Saint Walker
Hal Jordan half green/half blue, that is- he even comes with a tiny construct! And Saint Walker... Saint Walker! $6.97

Kilowog Vs. Zilius Zox
How could so much fun and mirth come in such a tiny package? Was delighted to see these are larger than I anticipated... GREAT!  :D  $6.97

Batman Vs. Deathstroke
I love my DCUC All-Star Batman & Deathstroke figures, so I couldn't pass on these cute little guys- LOVE! $6.97

MISSING IN ACTION: Superman & WonderWoman two-pack. Oh well... I was really more interested in the three I found, not that I wouldn't have bought them if they had been there. Probably saved myself a few bucks  :D

More Later- Keep Having FUN!


  1. These continue to look great! The 'Wog vs Zox pack will be mine!

  2. I know, right?! Every pack has been cool :) "Wog vs Zox" is a MUST.

  3. Great finds ! Hope to get a set next month.

  4. I need to get these bad...but at 2 and a half times U.S. retail, it's tough to put the money down for these guys in Singapore. Cna you imagine, they're so expensive that they warm pegs over here!

  5. I wouldn't pay THAT, DragonBane!! Crazy!

  6. This version of Kilowog Vs. Zilius Zox look so cute!

  7. Just awesome!Congrats on them all. : )