Saturday, June 4, 2011

DC Action League: Hal Jordan & Saint Walker

I Was JAZZED that Mattel decided to include Saint Walker in this fun line of toys! He's a great character! I, too am a man of great hope :)  Didn't want another Hal Jordan, but al least he has a different color scheme and a hand construct...

ComicVine.Com says: "Saint Walker wields a Blue Lantern power ring, which has many unique qualities to it.  A Blue Lantern can charge or drain other corps' power rings to the extent of either charging a ring to twice its capacity or draining all the power out of a ring.  The Blue Lantern can also negate the effects of a Red Lantern. The light constructs of Blue Lanterns are not based on the wielder's imagination, but rather based off the emotional and psychological state of the intended target. Blue power rings also have no need to recharge using a Power Battery as the power rings draw their power from the collective hope in the universe. The power ring of a Blue Lantern has only one known weakness. Without a Green Lantern power ring nearby, the user can only fly and have a protective aura and cannot access the full power of the blue power ring. " 

The card says "Saint Walker gives Hal Jordan his blue power ring to defeat Atrocitus." This explains the ppaint scheme on this figure which is otherwise identical to the Hal paired with Sinestro from the first wave in the line. This Hal includes a hand construct, comprised of soft, translucent green rubber, which slips snugly over his left fist.

I don't remember reading about Hal & Saint Walker double-teaming Atrocitus, due to the insurmountably spread out saga by Geoff Johns,  but it's documented at ComicVine.Com

I have yet to open one of the many excellent DC Direct Blackest Night action figures I have... some rainy, Kids... some rainy day  :D

Play With Your TOYS- All Will Be Well!

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