Thursday, June 23, 2011

DC Super Friends "My First Batmobile" by Mattel

This certainly isn't my first Batmobile- more like my fifth Batmobile. Hell,  it's my third Batmobile this month  :D  But whoever recieved this as their first would be hard pressed to top the experience that is Mattel's My First Batmobile! My first was probably a Corgi Juniors or Mego Batmobile back in the 70's- not a bad start. More recently, I received a Hot Wheels Arkham Asylum Batmobile, and an Imaginext Batmobile that I love. I also have a really great Batman: Brave & The Bold Batmobile I'd recommend to anyone. While these are all quite wonderful, they pale in comparison to the toy I'm about to show you.

Though listed as "new", this was predictably dusty, had some scuffs on the body, and the box was slightly mangled. But at twenty-five clams (shipping included), five bucks less than it retailed for new in 2007, I wasn't gonna complain. All the parts were there, in working order. I saw a lot of these for $40 to $60, so I grabbed this one on sight!

The headlights and rounded hood/front end on this car reminds me of a Dodge Neon or Volkswagon Beetle somehow. Styled simply, much like the action figures from the DC Super Friends line, there is enough on this toy to make it appealing but not overbearing- it looks sensibly like the Batman that rides in it. The fins on the rear and roof are more of a rubbery plastic, increasing it's durability as well as safety for younger children. I liked the rear end on this car a lot, by the way- sporty!

The button on the passenger side of the hood deploys the wings from the car's undercarriage, announced with an electronic sound...

The button on the driver's side of the hood activates several different combinations of sounds and lights inside the car's dashboard, under the engine, and in the headlights. Rolling the cars wheels activates the headlights and squealing tires with roaring engine sounds- aircraft noise sounds when the wheels are rolled with the Batmobile's wings deployed. Impossible to walk away from, People! Far too entertaining  :D

Press the bat-shaped hoodscoop to launch the hidden capture net from behind the Batmobile's grill... a bit of a cranky operation that takes a firm hand! The car seats two comfortably, locked into adjoining brackets on the seat and the figures back...

Weighing in at nearly 5 lbs, over a foot long & nearly as wide, I was a little concerned where I'd keep this whopper! That concern faded as the toy became a mobile fixture in my home, rolling from one end of the living room to the other and sometimes to my desk or the dining room table, played with all the while. I really love this Batmobile and am pleased with my purchase-  there are some toys you get and like, and there are some you can't stop playing with  :D

*A more comprehensive photo gallery of this toy at Cool Toy Review

UP NEXT: DC Super Friends Superman and Batman Action Figures!


  1. Man that thing is very cool and very large in size too.

  2. OMG! How sweet is this Batmobile.

  3. Stop it! You're killing me with cuteness!!! Must. Re. Sist... :P

  4. Just picked this up for a quarter. Upside obviously the price. Downside no guys or sound. Hope to fix both soon.

  5. Important question... Can a Mego fit comfortably in this?