Saturday, June 18, 2011

Imaginext Catwoman w/Cycle

Come to think of it, it may have been Brian Ashmore who told me about the Imaginext Catwoman- shortly thereafter, BubbaShelby was monitoring the internet 24/7 for any sign of this mysterious toy. Some toys just seem to appear out of nowhere with little fanfare, sometimes in small numbers, and *poof* missed it.  As expected, Bubba sent the news first: they were on the Fisher-Price website, six bucks.

I must say, I liked her even better in person- the bike is really great! Unlike the Batman & Robin cycles that have hard plastic wheels, the tires on the cat bike are a softer rubber. The tail on the bike is articulated (moves up & down), and the front wheel has two positions- regular street riding and the lower "chase" position which locks/unlocks by pressing a button atop the gas tank.

Catwoman comes with her bike, a whip, and a hissing cat that is...  comically out of scale (laughs). In all fairness, it would have been too easily lost if made to scale with the Catwoman figure, but I'm wondering why they bothered... anyone would have bought it without! This feline is a welcome addition to an already great line of superhero toys. Though geared toward 3-8 year olds, anyone would have to love this. Frankly, I was really surprised that Fisher-Price produced one for a toy line seemingly targeted at young boys. I'm glad too- girls need superheroes just like boys do, and more female characters in any comic hero toyline is sorely needed. Hey Fisher-Price- how about a Wonder Woman, Batgirl, or Black Canary next??

Catwoman's a great little action figure, from her cute little smile right down to her clawed paws! Like the Imaginext Flash, Selina has wrist joints, which are actually useful for gripping the handlebars on her bike, or expressively handling her whip...

And now little toy/BIG TOY  :D  From left to right: Imaginext Catwoman, DCUC Catwoman, Kenner Legends of Batman Catwoman...

And one more shot with the bike for good measure- What a cutie!  :D 

More Later- Go Play With Your Toys!


  1. So. Damn. Cute.

    I want one.

    Must... resist... urge to spend money.

  2. What wonderful and cute figure!

  3. Looks great ! If the line was available at local retail I'll be tempted to collect them.

  4. I think they will make it to Target and/or Toys 'R US