Wednesday, July 13, 2011

9" Origins Spiderman by Hasbro

Blogging about Marvel characters again brought this guy to mind- I've had this Hasbro Spiderman for some time now,and actually have a black version as well.  He's from the 2006 Origins series, where Hasbro picked up the Marvel liscencing after ToyBiz went under. These were released in aticipation of the somewhat reviled Spiderman III (which I've never seen), while also appealing to people of my age group who had the old Mego Spiderman from the 70's.  Spidey was definitely a favorite of my old Megos, and this guy certainly captures the spirit!

Unlike the 70's Mego Spidey, this one's outfit cannot be removed, and his boots are plastic, treated in color & texture like his head & hands. The ToyBiz Famous Covers Spiderman had a removable mask- cool idea, but the velcro holding it together in back left a slight lump. It also had "mittens" on Spiderman's hands- though he looked really cool,  I wasn't crazy those traits of  the ToyBiz Spidey, so I opted for the Hasbro version when I set out collecting.

I really like the sculpted lines in the boots, hands, & head on this, and the fabric has a nice feel & sheen to it. The seamless back means his spider insignia is uninterrupted as well. He looks great and can be posed in a variety of positions- one of my favorite dollies!

Here's ol' Webhead with Hasbro Wolverine and Cyclops...

And while we're on the subject of Wolverine & Spiderman, here's Spiderman and my ToyBiz Famous Covers Wolverine with my copy of  Spiderman Vs. Wolverine (Marvel, Feb. 1987) Great story!

And finally, because we love to play BIG TOY/little toy here at The Super-DuperToyBox, here's Spidey with Marvel Mini Heroes & Villains Spiderman & my Spiderman Superball! YES, things really ARE that much fun around here  :D

Have a GREAT Time- Make It Fun!


  1. That is a sweet Spidey you got there. I especially love it when he has the webbing under his arms. So much more aerodynamic and frankly, cool looking. I have my old mego Spidey right here beside me. Lots of good times with that figure.

  2. Very cool Spidey! Didn't know this one was so cool, had a chance to buy it a while ago but I did not, my lost hah!

  3. another classic toy you had here,,
    the costume is still using a web at armpit

  4. I believe this one is a Target exclusive, it came packed with a comic and was sold around the same time as the Punisher figure. towards the end of the line. The regular release of the Signature Series did not have the arm webbing, nice score.

  5. Comic Wizard has both the red/blue and black Spideys, as well as the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. Unfortunately, we never did track down a Wolverine or Captain America.

  6. Never seen this Spidey before and now i want one lol.

  7. Chunky- yes, there was a different Spidey in the line- the other one also has plastic webbed gauntlets/sleeves over the forearms.
    this is a fun toy i'd reccomend to anyone! :)