Saturday, August 13, 2011

DCUC Bronze Tiger

What can I say? This one was too cool to pass up! I haven't been buying many DC Universe Classics lately, but this guy had an extra head, and a tiger's head at that :D   From the "Super Friends" Wave 18, Bronze Tiger was actually in DC Comics, unlike Apache Chief, Samurai, El Dorado, & Black Vulcan who only appeared on the Hanna-Barbera animated television program. Like many of the DCUC waves, I was only interested in some of eighteen- I'd grab the Black Vulcan if I got the chance, though.

Ben Turner was brainwashed by the villainous League of Assassins after they murdered his fianceé, but was later reprogrammed by Amanda Waller for service in the Suicide Squad. While I knew nothing of the character who first appeared in Dragon's Fists, a 1974 novel by Denny O'Neil, I was impressed with the figure's accessories, including a very well sculpted & painted alternate tiger's head- very cool!

Bronze Tiger comes with two Eskrima sticks like my DCUC Nightwing, and like Dick he has difficulty holding them so I left the little rubberbands on for the photo session. He also comes with a bō staff & sword like my DCUC Deathstroke.

For awhile I felt burnt out on these DCUC action figures, but have recently taken a renewed interest in them- their great playability and impressive articulation really make them fun! When Mattel recently announced the line would be ending I had mixed feelings- we've had our good times, but good times come to an end. I didn't feel dedicated enough to subscribe to their MattyCollector Infinite Earths Club, which is doomed, unable to garner enough interest in to fulfill the necessary subscription to move forward. That said, I have recently picked up a few more of these, knowing I'll likely see fewer of these out in regular retail soon.

More Later- Have A GREAT Weekend!


  1. Always loved this character from a visual stand point because he reminds me so much of the Japanese Pro Wrestler Tiger Mask.

  2. Somehow this version of the Tiger head remind me of Thundercats and Tekken.

  3. Leon: King from Tekken was inspired by Tiger Mask. : )