Saturday, August 20, 2011

DCUC Indigo Lantern Atom

I picked up this DC Universe Classics Indigo Lantern Atom last weekend at BAM!, a great store my brother turned me onto that sell books, comics, used CDs & DVDs, and toys. There were some great DCUC & DC Direct action figures there, including a version of this character by both Mattel and DC Direct! I chose the Mattel version due to a renewed interest in the DC Universe line, and while not always the case, I felt the Mattel looked better. Weird, I know- a lot of times the DC Direct trumps Mattel on aesthetics, case in point, the DC Direct Arkham Asylum Batman I got awhile back. In this instance however, Mattel's attention to detail, sculpt, & paint won me over- and I have several of DC Direct's Blackest Night series.

From the Green Lantern Blackest Night storyline, Ray Palmer underwent the most drastic transformation when several of our DC Universe heroes were temporarily selected as deputy members of the emotional spectrum to save the day during this epic tale.

One of the most brilliant men on Earth, Professor Ray Palmer became The Atom after creating a belt that allows him to shrink to microscopic size. After his best friends Hawkman and Hawkgirl were murdered and transformed into Black Lanterns, Ray was granted an Indigo Power Ring to assist in defeating the Lord of the Dead, Nekron.

According to Yo Go Re over at OAFE, Atom's bare chested costume is reminiscent of his days as a barbarian in Sword of the Atom, which explains a lot to a guy who initially scratched his head upon beholding this unusual figure. There are so many pieces of new sculpt on this figure, laden with intricate detail that make this a standout in the DC Universe line- simply awesome! I put him up there with my DCUC Deathstroke. If the detail of the shoulder harness with the Indigo Tribe necklace draped over it isn't enough, there's also the new buccaneer style boots with soft rubber tassels, belt emblazoned with the Atom insignia, and two different gold wrist guards. And that tiny sculpted power ring- DC Direct doesn't do that! The drybrush highlights in Ray's hair, subtle paint washes on the skin & legs, and tattoos throughout the arms & torso make this a real work of art! Bravo!

As the Green Lanterns weild the power of will, The Indigo Tribe employs the power of  compassion through their staffs, as opposed to traditional power batteries employed by other lanterns of the emotional spectrum. Their understanding of all these other emotions allow the mysterious Indigo Tribe members to conduct their powers as well as their own compassion, making them quite powerful. This was both deep & smart on part of the creators of this fictional band of heroes (Geoff Johns & Ethan VanSciver): compassion is truly a all-encompassing & effectual attribute.

I find this action figure & what he symbolizes personally meaningful, and while pondering him I thought to myself "if this tribe really existed, how much better the world would be".  I quickly realized they really DO exist: all the good people of the world- the doctors & nurses, mission & rescue workers at home & abroad, peacemakers & poets....  That gave me a good feeling inside  :)

Here's to You & Yours- Have a GREAT Weekend!


  1. Great looking figure and he would fit well in with the Masters of the Universe too. : )

  2. he could fit in with them :D
    ... who would be in his DC/MOTU 2-pack??

  3. Hmmm good question Super-D one i would have to think about.

  4. I saw these loose on sale at flea market. It's really a handsome figure.

  5. LOL, so have you started collecting DCUCs as well then?

  6. oh way back last year- i have over 30, lost count :D

  7. Just got this guy last saturday....he is cool isn't he?