Saturday, November 12, 2011

Classic Proto-Armor Iron Man!

According to the Iron Man Armory, this is technically Iron Man's Model II, Mark I Proto-Armor. It's the first use of the now classic red and gold color scheme. Red gloves, boots and a new chest piece over golden arms and legs brought Iron Man a much needed cooler, more modern look. A new red helmet with a gold, horned faceplate, gave Iron Man a fearsome aura. His first appearance in the new suit was in  Tales of Suspense #48 (Dec. 1963), and his first appearance in The Avengers with it was issue #3 (Jan. 1964), the latter story I read recently in Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers Vol. 1.

I reluctantly passed on this figure more than once, as I already have a 3 3/4" classic Iron Man, but after reading The Avengers recently I could not deny the retro-cool of the horned face mask on this one. See how Hasbro took my money againg like that?  :D  Check out the grill on this guy- greatness!

These Iron Man 2 figures are the bomb- I bought several of them awhile back, and I have to say that several of them are a class above the typical Marvel Universe 3 3/4" figures. This Iron Man is pretty simple, but very cool.

Of course he came with the 3-part armor specs card like the others- here's your obligatory shot ...

One quip I have with Hasbro concerning this figure, like his twin in the Model III, Mark I armor, Iron man has one peg on his launch stand which is too narrow to accommodate his stance. Now that I have two however, I think I've found a solution  :D ...

Iron Man Vs. the Guardsman...

Battling the Soviet supervillain, Titanium Man!

*See The Iron Man Armory for all the details on Tony Stark's Proto-Classic Armor & more!
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