Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hasbro Iron Man 2 Mark V Iron Man & Guardsman

After favorable inspection of the Fusion Armor Iron Man & the Air Assault Drone, I went back and picked up these guys, once again securing a good deal. They both had a one dollar off sticker, and one rang up as only four bucks, so my total was under ten bucks. As I said before: K-mart is disorganized in your favor like that sometimes, the price of an item rings up lower you get to the checkout.

The figures in this series come with stands featuring a slotted tray that holds a 3-part pseudo-technical transparency detailing different portions of the character's armor. Children might like this kind of extra- makes it a little more fun, though the slots don't hold the cards separately very well.

The Guardsman caught my eyes due to his green coloring. Like the Air Assault Drone, he was the only Guardsman at this particular Target. He's beefier than Iron Man and has better ankle & hip articulation...  a rather odd looking repulsor blast made of translucent yellow rubber was included   :D

The Mark V Iron Man includes a really cool double-barreled suitcase missile launcher! He also came with an extra hand to hold this accessory, which will stay put due to the rather difficult time I had putting it on the forearm peg. His ankle, shoulder and hip movement is pretty limited, but his elbows, abdomen, and wrists move freely, as do his double-jointed knees. I enjoy this particular Iron Man armor design a lot...

I STILL have not seen Iron Man 2, but fully intend to rectify that some evening in the near future. I wasn't even in to figures of this scale a week ago when I picked  a couple of these up along with some 4" Marvel Universe figures, but finding such good deals on them lately pulled me in. These are still all over the place, but K-mart seems to be closing them out/reducing the price locally, as was the case yesterday when I found a tub full of them marked down. For south of five bucks, I could not refuse...

In comparison with the Hasbro Marvel Universe Iron Patriot, the Iron Man 2 action figures don't under perform. While they lack Iron Patriot's jointed biceps on the Mark V and the Fusion Armor Iron Men have a larger range of movement in the knees. Mark V has a cut neck joint while Fusion Armor Iron Man enjoys a ball-jointed neck, but Iron Patriot has the most range there...

Time for a group shot... just for fun  :D
A.) ToyBiz Famous Covers Iron Man  B.) Marvel Select Mark VI Iron Man by Diamond Select  C.) Hasbro Iron Man 2 Fusion Armor Iron Man  D.) Hasbro Marvel Universe Iron Patriot  E.) Marvel Heroes & Villains Iron Man by Marvel Toys  F.) Hasbro Iron Man 2 Mark V Iron Man

I'm working a lot this weekend, but attending several barbeques inbetween- work hard, play hard! I hope you are taking some time out of your busy lives to enjoy life, friends, food, and toys- it's important for your overall health, People. There will be a special 4th of July Holiday post tomorrow, so be sure to check back in  :)


  1. That's a lot of Iron-Men! Fun stuff!

  2. I was going to say the same thing that Bubba said when i saw this....That's alot of Ironmen lol.

  3. Looks fantastic! Haven't seen them here at all.

    Btw you need to check out AFB to claim your June prize! :)

  4. OMG! I totally missed that- I just ordered some stuff from Mike too, LOL :D