Sunday, November 13, 2011

More of the Marvel Universe Avengers Box Set!

Just a little more fun playing with my Marvel Universe Classic Avengers Box Set- too good for only one post! Below, my reenactment of the classic Avengers #1 cover with Loki:

In the early Avengers stories, Wasp has a crush on Thor, and is always trying to get her brainy husband Dr. Heny Pym's attention by flirting with him or any hunky superhero within close proximity! Pretty hilarious  :D

My favorite from this set, the Hulk, was what intersed me most in this box set- his early 60's look, with the bowl-cut & Cro-Magnon looking brow. I like the purple Underoos that Hasbro put him in, predating the torn pants that came to be part of his look.

Iron Man in his short-lived Golden Avenger armor used to defeat Gargantus! At the suggestion of girlfriend Marion, who tells Tony that Iron Man look more like a "knight in shining armor" if The hero wore gold armor. "Then, when people see his golden armor, they won't panic! They'll know he has a heart of gold and an appearance to match his golden deeds!" "You know Marion, I wouldn't be surprised if Iron Man himself were to get the same idea!" replies Tony.

And I just had to throw in a shot with My Iron Man 2 Classic Proto-Armor Iron Man, seen more often in the first Avengers stories- I love the horned mask on this guy!

In Avengers issue #3, Sub-Mariner convinces a disillusioned Hulk to battle the team he was part of just one issue ago! Their mutual hatred for mankind unite these outsiders, who both battle the Avengers again a decade later as members of the anti-team, the Defenders, in the Avengers-Defenders War (Marvel, 1973).

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  1. Don't you have too many toys to play with :P

  2. Great pictures as always Super-D and i might have to get this set at some point.