Monday, November 7, 2011

Marvel Universe: The Classic Avengers Box Set

I bought this at Wal-Mart for twenty bucks this summer, and seeing how I finally got around to talking about Marvel Masterworks: Avengers Vol. 1 in my last post, I knew it was time to open it up!  I know this set is old news now, but I wanted to tie it in with the literature for the full experience  :D   I really like these twenty dollar Marvel Universe box sets, and picked up a Fantastic Four & X-Force sets as well this summer.

Let's just start things off with the reason I was so hot for this box set- the Hulk:

This really captures the Green Goliath in his early 60's look, with the bowl-cut & Cro-Magnon looking brow. I like the shorts, too- yes, I like Hulk with torn pants, but I like him in his Underoos here too  :D  I like the paint, and his articulation is pretty great! He has cut joints in the thighs & biceps, double-hinged knees, and a balljoint neck. Here's a pic of him with myMarvel Legends First Appearance Hulk:

The big, goofy Iron Man included is a lot of fun, too- according to Slangards, he's modeled after his Golden Avenger armor from Tales of Suspense #40 (1963).  A 3 3/4" gray, rusty version by Hasbro was also released in the Iron Man toy line, though he didn't have the antenna. His elbow movement is restricted due to the bulk of his armor, but he's still fun with waffle-stomper feet. There's an orange wash over the gold armor that adds some nice dimension to his finish.

Included in this set were THE TINIEST "figures" of Ant-Man & Wasp, along with one of Ant-Man's flying ant friends. What else can you do with such diminutive heroes portrayed in this scale? Hasbro did a clean job on them for being so tiny. A small Ant-Man like this was released with Yellowjacket (another of Dr. Henry Pym's alter egos), and I've seen some pictures of an upcoming 3 3/4" Ant-Man by Hasbro. Being several superheroes brings some notoriety to a fella!

I was also really glad to add a classic Thor to my collection- the loud outfit says "comics" to me! I would've preferred they skipped the blue wash on his wings, but I think I'm okay with the wash over his skin.

Now that I had the extra hammers, I had to try Ewan's "hammer swing" pose... sorry Pal, I couldn't resist! Looks like Loki is gonna catch one on the lip  :D

Modern Thor, Avengers Thor, and Hammer Smash Thor...

What the hey- let's do a pic with Cap! He didn't join until issue #4, but it's just not the Avengers without him!

What a fun set at a good value- I think any Marvel fan would love this. Definitely buy one   :)
More Later- Make It FUN!

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  1. This is a wonderful box set and one i thought about getting but passed on in favor of other things i wanted. Am glad to see you added Captain America in the last photo he really belongs there.

  2. The Hulk is my favorite of the three.Very cool!

  3. The hulk is a bit small but the Ant-Man & Wasp are a good touch.

  4. Lol, you didn't do too bad a job with the swinging hammer(s)--y just need more hammers! ;P

    And thanks for the plug, dude. Great review and we all looooove the Hulk! ;)

  5. That shade of gold on the Iron Man seems dull but I find I like it. I have another avengers set that has both giant man and ant man plus of course the other guys. I should go photgraph it.