Sunday, December 4, 2011

DCUC Sinestro Corps Scarecrow

While picking up the All Star & Blue Lantern Flash along with Star Sapphire Wonder Woman during Target's recent DC Universe sale, I also grabbed a Wave 17 Sinestro Corps Scarecrow for $7.99.  He's a great idea for a character, and am glad to say he made an equally cool action figure.

In Geoff John's Blackest Night series, Dr. Jonathan Crane's alter ego & arch enemy of the Batman, Scarecrow, is temporarily deputized by the Sinestro Corps to battle Nekron & the Black Lanterns. Pursuing his addiction to fear since Batman's disappearance in Grant Morrison's Batman R.I.P., Crane is overjoyed by his ablity to feel the emotion again, gone since the Dark Knight's departure.

This action figure rocks, and gets all of the Four Horsemen's best work along with Mattel's best articulation. his ball-jointed head, double-jointed elbows, and swivel-hinge wrists make him the pinnacle of this line's appointments. His yellow lantern, which he never had, and boots aren't comic accurate, but his sculpt is great- especially the tattered head and long coat. His yellow power ring is sculpted into the left middle finger, as his Sinestro Corps chest insignia, which was likely done because of his neck sculpt blocking any chance of a clean tampo in that area. This just makes him look all the more tailored. Really cool. DC Direct made a rockin' version of this character as well, but Mattel did it their own way successfully in my opinion. He also came with the Anti-Monitor's right leg, which will be pronptly sold on eBay  :)

I can think of only one other candidate as worthy as Crane to recieve the yellow ring of fear: the Dark Knight himself   :)  Mattel's "what if" Sinestro Corps Batman is the perfect, if not necessary companion figure to the Sinestro Corps Scarecrow. I'm not certain if it was planned that way, as this pair could have been a two pack like Romat-Ru & Karu-Sil, but they sure look cool together and are an obvious pair. I think some collectors were puzzled by Sinestro Corps Batman's appearance, but if the obscure moment from Green Lantern #17 isn't comic-accurately rendered, it's fully realized in blazing fashion anyway. Fun!

Sinestro Corps Scarecrow with Wave 3 Sinestro, and Wave 15 Sinestro Corps Batman:

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  1. This is a very cool rendering of the Scarecrow and works very well.

  2. They could put lantern rings on every character in the DCU and It would look cool no matter who it was. Even Mister Mxyztplk. lol

  3. is the sale still going on at target?