Sunday, September 11, 2011

DCUC Wave 3 Sinestro

When I picked up that DC Direct Larfleeze awhile back, I also grabbed  this loose Wave 3 Sinestro- the coveted variant in his Sinestro Corps black & yellow. I like Sinestro in this outfit, the contrasty color combo just appeals to me for some reason. I really liked the face sculpt on this, but his buck could have been more rangy. Everyone goes on & on about this figure being too short, but I don't think that is really an issue: in the comics Thaal's body has been depicted as slender, so I would liked him a little thinner. The DC Direct Series 1 Justice League Sinestro is a piece of fine art compared to this DCUC, as is the DC Direct Deluxe 1:6 Sinestro I got last spring. They both just have more personality.

Truth be told, I'm still on the lookout for the DC Direct version of this guy, but he'll do until I can land one. The yellow paint apps on the chest, back, & shoulders leave a lot to be desired, to say the least. the ball-hinge at the shoulders is particularly unsightly. I've heard this was a rampant issue with this figure, and that's hard for me to understand seeing as the tampographed Corps insignia on the chest & left bicep are clear enough ??? Additionally, Sinestro's power battery and gauntlets don't match the yellow of the rest of his outfit- it's a somewhat petty complaint, but when combined with the sloppy paint app, the figure comes off looking ...somewhat off. I would have liked to have seen it all more the iridescent gold color his gauntlets sport, like the DC Direct Arkillo I have, which rules my universe  :D

Sinestro is Green Lantern Hal Jordan's arch nemesis, once his instructor in the Green Lantern Corps, exiled by the Guardians for his toletarian leanings and misuse of power. "Sinestro wields a yellow power ring that is powered by the emotional energy of fear, and its wielder must be an expert in inspiring and manipulating fear to use it. Built on Qward, it can create yellow energy constructs, flight, etc. Sinestro's original ring could only be recharged by fighting a Green Lantern but the current version wielded by the Sinestro Corps are recharged by yellow batteries." (Sinestro @ Wikipedia)

Now it's time for my favorite thing here at The Super-DuperToyBox- BIG TOY/little toy!!  :D
Mattel 4 3/4" JLU Sinestro, Mattel 6" DCUC Sinestro, & DC Direct Deluxe 1:6 Sinestro!

More Later- Keep It FUN!


  1. Very nice! And how did you do the yellow back ground for this one?

  2. Oh he is gorgeous. Another cool figure I have to track down. I always loved this character because in a way he is like Magneto, he kinda get's it right. There is too much chaos in the Universe and order needs to be maintained - even with an iron fist. Like Batman he understands what a strong motivator FEAR can be.

  3. Your seriously gonna make me go buy something DC this week.These figures are mad sick!

  4. BTW nice post Cal.Makes me want to do my DC homework.

  5. oh, you HAVE TO, actionfig- DC is a lot of fun, and these are some of the coolest action figures ever made :)