Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marvel Universe Wave 16

I found these Wave 16/Series 3 Marvel Universe figures about a week ago at Target on sale for $6.99 each- wasn't dying to get these, but at that price I went for it. They are all good characters I've read about in the last year, and I've been on a X-Men kick lately.  They turned out more interesting freed from their packaging.

Ultimate Magneto:
I like the color scheme on this Magneto, styled after his look in the Marvel "Ultimate" universe. I've heard some criticism of the paint apps on his face, and yeah it looks a little dirty, but not all that bad. I like the details in his outfit, defined in dark paint. His helmet is sculpted well and the "blowing cape" sculpt is unique, it's shoulder harness painted in a contrasting glossy black. I really like him- he looks like a baddie  :D

Absorbing Man:
I looked pretty hard for the black/metallic variant, but to no avail. Hasbro should've made them all like that- it looks so much more impressive. Still, this is a fun figure with the jail pants & wrecking ball. The paint apps on the flesh is nice as well, adding definition to his muscles and overall color to his pallor. What really stuck out on this guy was his individually sculpted fingers, which have tiny fingernail indentations- really detailed!


I was the least enthralled by Bobby here, and while somewhat plain he's more interesting up close. His color is a nice icy shade, and they painted his eyes the same silver as his boots/gloves. Again, any more X-Men are welcome to my Marvel Universe collection. 

I found these two Iceman figures while shopping the dollar comic bin at BAM! on Tuesday- pretty cool as I'd just bought an Iceman, but I didn't buy them...

Another Wolverine?? This makes six I have, and Slangards recently claimed Hasbro produced  35 Hasbro Wolverines in this scale to date, painstakingly listing them on Joint Junkie!  I still wanted this Astonishing Wolverine- the snarling expression on his face is great, and there's some nice detail in the outfit, particularly in the sculpted seams, gauntlets & boots. The paint apps on the flesh is nice as well, adding definition to Logan's bulging biceps.

Marvel Universe Wave 6 Wolverine, Wave 16 Wolverine, Sentinel Wolverine...

Astonishing Wolverines: 9" Hasbro Wolverine, 3 3/4" Marvel Universe Wolverine, 2 3/4" Marvel Heroes & Villains Wolverine mini-figure:

 More Later- Make It FUN!
*See the Marvel Universe visual checklist at ItsAllTrue.Net


  1. Right on. I've seen these guys all on the pegs recently, and I picked up Magneto. I'm opening him up tomorrow!

  2. Am gigging Iceman,Wolvie and Mags here i would the 4th if it was in the other style i bet.

  3. I vote Ice-Man ;)

  4. I personally have always boycotted 3 3/4 inch figures since they reduced GI JOE by a third of his original size but these look great. I would love that Magneto if he was twice the size he is here. It's a slippery slope. I already suspended my edict for the Justice League Ulimited figures but that is as far as I want to go.

  5. Great pictures as always. You do some great work. What kind of camera are you using to shoot these?

  6. Thanks! It's a hand-me-down, a Panasonic. I just edit in Microsoft photo editor- it's all done very simply & quickly as I can :)

  7. oh! AND... a lot of these were shot in front of a new series of abstract paintings I'm making that happened to go quite well with the new figures-

  8. Is it just me or does Wolverine have 6 claws sticking out instead of 3?