Thursday, March 29, 2012

Justice League Unlimited Green Arrow & Batman

I feel a little guilty about showing you some action figures I bought last week, then writing four posts on things I found last year, but this is my toy box and we'll play with what I want to play with  :D  But seriously, I'd been watching episodes of that great Justice League Unlimited show on you tube this week, and realized I'd not shown you these two up close. The TV show that ran from July of 2004 to May of 2006 was under my radar at the time, but I've come to appreciate it since my interest in comics was renewed 18 months ago. The scope of characters featured is pretty large for such a short running series- I counted about 136 on Wikipedia, and the Mattel 4" series of action figures features even more... and I think they are still making them! The final sets will be released this autumn as MattyCollector exclusives, but their staying power is paralleled only by the Batman the Animated toy line! If any of you kids have a big collection, please share a link in my comments- we'd all like to see what you have  :)

The styling of these toys are so much fun! Simple in articulation, most of these were "five point gang". like your old Kenner Star Wars figures. The toys look like exactly like the animated characters from the show, their chunky, exaggerated features & bright colors appealing to the eye. Really fun! Ollie came with an arrow which I forgot to photograph, but he can't grip it, nor does it fit in the bow- still it was nice they included it. I also like the packaging on these- again, simple but splashy and inviting. These toys remind me a lot of the Batman: The Brave & the Bold action figures- FUN and made for play! I can definitely see why they have such a dedicated fan base.

I had paid little or no attention to Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in my youth, which is odd because I was such a big Batman fan, and they are both rich vigilantes with no real super powers. The Brave & the Bold, indeed!

This blue/grey Batman I got loose on eBay quite some time ago- he didn't come with any accessory- the same Batman was packaged with a Wonder Pig, and in a 3-pack with Amanda Waller & General Eiling, in a 3-pack with Deadman & Superman, and countless other 3-packs and 6-packs as well.

The Dark Knight with a couple variants I have mint on card...

Ollie with two other Mattel Green Arrows I have mint on card...

Batman and Green Arrow with Superman and Green Lantern:

*List of JLU figures at Cool Toy Review, many with pictures!
More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. One of my all-time favorites Super-D. They look NICE anywhere haha you probably know that I did an almost complete list of these figures from A-Z and then back again because they are just so much FUN (link: GREAT post :)

  2. Great figures! I used to have a few of these myself and the only thing i can say i didn't like about them was they had a hard standing up on there own at lest on some of them anyway.