Friday, November 11, 2011

Stealth Strike Covert Attack & Space Combat Batman

After reviewing the Stealth Strike Riddler & Gear Up Batman, I went back for these other two Batmen from the new Stealth Strike series by Mattel. I'm guessing they rebranded these Batman: The Brave & the Bold figures, first Total Armor, now Stealth Strike due to the cancellation of the animated show. I'd love to have all the episodes on DVD- what a great show! I have over a dozen of the of the Batman variants from this line of action figures, but at eight bucks, these were too cool to pass up  :D

I really like the slip-over helmet on this Covert Attack Batman! The translucent plastic his body is made of is actually a very dark blue, which is somewhat hard to see in my photos. I love translucent figures, but the overall color scheme appeals to me in general- the charcoal accessories, black cape, and light gold/silver belt, chest insignia, & highlights are cool! His shoulder mounted missile launcher looks great too, only it doesn't fire. I don't mean it's broken- I mean it has no projectile mechanism. This is a complete miss! Additionally, the missile likes to fall out of the chamber when turned on it's end. How disappointing! Several of the other figures I have from the line have a firing projectile, why not this one, Mattel??

Space Combat Batman is a great looking figure too- kinda Buzz Lightyear over Gotham with the light color scheme, wings, & space helmet. It's hard to see Batman's eyes due to the silver ridge over the brow of the helmet, and some hose/tubing to the hollow pegs in the neck of the helmet would have been cool. He does look great with the silver & translucent body though- red bat insignia emblazoned across his chest. I like his oversized boots and the way they followed the contours of the body with silver pinstripe- a nice detail! I didn't think I'd go for this, but I grabbed the last one there upon seeing it in person.

On the card backer Mattel advertises a cool black & gold Stealth Jet Batmobile I'll have a hard time passing up later  :D   I've also seen three Deluxe Stealth Strike Batmen online: Radioactive Armor Batman, Bow Shot Batman, & Knight Battle Baman. I'd love to see some other characters show up in future waves, especially a Robin! I realize Mattel is milking this sculpt for all it's worth, but since most these figures have a similar body why not a Flash, Green Lantern, Nightwing, or Booster Gold? Or a what about Spectre/Phantom Stranger & Dr. Fate/Despero two packs?! And by the way Mattel, I am available for consultation  :D

See my previous post on the Stealth Strike Riddler & Gear Up Batman!

Some of the "geared out" Batmen I have from this line of toys: A) Space Combat Batman  B) Deluxe Aqua Attack Batman  C) Covert Attack Batman  D) Stealth Wing Batman  E) Deluxe Total Destruction Batman F) Gear Up Batman  G) Smashing Axe Batman  H) Deluxe Skyshot Batman.

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Two more for the collection! Awesome and congrats buddy. : )

  2. These look better than expected. Tempting!

    Oh, and I wonder if you can flick the back of that missile with your finger and make it 'fire?' Maybe that's the design intent?

  3. no such luck, Bubbs. He's still a looker though, and so is his pal!

  4. Any chance you could take a picture of the back of the card? I haven't been able to find any pictures of that batmobile online, and I haven't had any luck finding the figures in-stores yet...

  5. i DID, actually! e-mail me: