Monday, April 9, 2012

DC Super Friends Lex Luthor

After my post on the DC Super Friends Hawkman, I couldn't resist cracking open my Lex Luthor from this brief but fun line of toys. I've been catching a lot of Justice League Unlimited episodes on YouTube lately that feature some great episodes starring Superman's brilliant arch nemesis, and I read Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, in which then-U.S. President Lex Luthor declares Superman and Batman enemies of the state, claiming that a Kryptonite asteroid headed for Earth is connected to an evil plot by Superman - what a FUN supervillain!

Lex's body armor is removable, I just didn't remove it for the photo session for fear of breaking it. His shoulder harness in tampographed onto the torso underneath, too- see Cool Toy Review for more pictures. Lex came with a picture card, and a folded product sheet advertising othe toys from the DC Super Friends line, including the My First Batmobile I have:


 Released in 2007, these 6" figures have very basic articulation: swivel hips, wrists, & shoulders, and a pretty expressive ball-jointed head. The line didn't last too long, but they were pretty simple toys meant for younger children and made for play- I mean, how many of these does a 3 year old need to throw at his sister?   :D   I was mad about them at first sight and have seven; I love their chunky design and think they are super cute!  

The included accessory has an action figure, albeit a sleepy one- by pumping the balloon in Lex's pack, the green "Kryptonite" missile at the end of his weapon pumps in & out of the barrel. I wish it shot out the barrel of course, but these action figures are for ages 3 and up. I loved the geared out aesthetic of this particular figure from the DC Super Friends line, and the translucent green portions in his weapon and armor give him extra eye appeal.


Lex is a great companion piece for the variant DC Super Friends Superman I have- he is perhaps my favorite Superman figure due to his unusual costume deco- Love!

Looks like Hawkman had to step in and help Superman handling Lex on account of the Kryptonite!

DC Super Friends Lex with Mattel Retro-Action Lex Luthor and DC Direct Battle Armor Lex Luthor:

More Later- Make It FUN!



    For some reason I really like the aesthetics of this line. It's like a kiddy form of the heroes/villains lol!

  2. Your last 2 blogs make me want to hunt down some of these on ebay. I was eyeballing a Batman and Green Lantern not too long ago.

  3. The design of this figure is terrific. I have to go hunt in the toy aisles this week. I appreciate the way you bring together other versions of the same character for comparison. You really take some of the best action figure pictures out there.

    1. Cal, thanks- one of my favorite hobbies! And thanks for reading Men!