Saturday, May 5, 2012

Captain America Series Red Skull

I started working on this post late in 2011, and am finally getting around to posting it! I'd posted about a few of the other Captain America Series figures around that time, and was partially underwhelmed by this one, moving onto other things. I liked his paint and sculpt okay, but was somewhat frustrated by his articulation, stiff in a lot of the joints, and severely limited in the legs due to his long coat. He does have a cut waist joint that eases the pain somewhat though, and that's nice. Another thing that seemed off was his size, which may be to scale with the other figures in the series, but seemed...  frail on his own. I poke fun at Hasbro for a lot of the action accessories that have been included with the 3 3/4" movie figures, but I kinda like this rocket launcher. At least it fires a projectile, and what's not fun about that?  :D

My favorite included accessory is really this Cosmic Cube, and the reason I took a chance on Red Skull here. For whatever reason, I associate the cube with Thanos, who is associated with the reality-warping matrix along with Doctor Doom and Red Skull. The frequently appearing, fictional object has a long-standing place in the Marvel Universe, going through several reincarnations since it's creation by King of Comics, Jack Kirby. Red Skull's left palm is cupped to hold it, but it merely sits loosely in it.  His right hand grips the German Luger pretty well. I'm not the biggest fan of those hinge/swivel elbows, but they do work.

 The paint apps on this guy are pretty good, particularly the eyes, which look pretty real for being so small. And the tiny buttons and belt buckle are expertly painted as well... a pretty clean overall job, overall. The military green is fine, but I'd have preferred all black with a trenchcoat like Hugo Weaving in the Captain America movie, or even the SDCC Invaders Red Skull for that matter. That said, he's not such a bad action figure- I may have been too opinionated about him at first. See Ewan's fun post on this figure over at Chase Variant!

Let's face it though,  I really wanted the Cosmic Cube for my Marvel Universe Thanos  :D

Let's see how Red Skull and Crossbones fare against Captain America:

Looks like the star-spangled sheild slinger has things well in hand!

What a perfect opportunity for BIGTOY/littletoy! My ToyBiz 9" Famous Covers Red Skull with 3 3/4" Red Skull:

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Big Toy/Little Toy for the win as always!

  2. I wish I would have gotten more of those Famous Covers figures when they first came out. I too have the Skull and Doom and Magneto and Thor and The Falcon I think.

  3. Those Captain America movie line of figures were(and still are) great!It was so cool to walk into a store at that time and see Captain America merchandise everywhere!