Sunday, May 20, 2012

Deadshot & Catman: Uneasy Alliance

Related to my last post on the Villains United six-issue limited series, I wanted to come back and take a look at the tenuous relationship between two of the Secret Six members, Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) and Catman (Thomas Blake). My favorite cover from the series is issue #5, the two villains locked in battle, midair! Greatness! As I mentioned in my last post, there's an uneasy alliance between the two throughout the series, just one of the many interrelationships that makes this series a fascinating read. Both enemies of Gotham City's Dark Knight, Lawton is a mercenary assasin known for his work with the Suicide Squad, and Catman's made a recent comeback in the series after a pathetic defeat by Green Arrow in Brad Meltzer's 2003 book on the Justice League archer.

The two alpha males of the group get acquainted in the kitchen over a late night snack in issue #2, both rightfully suspicious of Scandal, Mockingbird, and each other...

Pictured below: Mattel's Batman Legacy 6 " Catman and DCUC Wave 9 Deadshot ...

In Villains United issue #5, Catman violently confronts Deadshot about the murder of his cats in Africa- a maneuver to expedite Catman's joining the Secret Six, originally blamed on Deathstroke. Afterward, Cheshire confesses she called the Society, waiting outside at that very moment to storm the castle.

Surprise! I decided to throw in Deadshot and Deathstoke's duel from Villains United issue #6. Pictured below are Mattel's DCUC Wave 9 Deadshot and All-Star Deathstroke , the latter originally released in Wave 3, 2008...

Deadshot and Deathstoke's duel in Villains United issue #6 was a cool albeit short moment with a definite Old West gunfighter vibe. Slade comically agrees to come out out guns blazing if Floyd agrees to shut up  :D


Deadshot and Deathstroke are a couple of really cool action figures- the latter is decked out with some great accessories, but Deadshot has an equally nice deco with some unique wrist armaments...

At the end of issue #6, Blake/Catman meets Oliver Queen/Green Arrow to inform him of the Society's plan to windwipe the Justice League. When Queen thanks Blake for "coming to the good guys for once", Blake rocks his chops, telling him that "good guys don't lobotomize people already in handcuffs", a reference to Zatanna's mindwipe of Dr. Light in Identity Crisis. Ollie goes for his bow, but Lawton appears, taking him at gunpoint, "Uh-uh Arrow. Bow stays where it lays."

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  1. Nice write up on these two(three)characters Colin. : )

  2. These are all amazing looking figures ;)

  3. Love it! I remember reading this. Love that these guys are grey characters. I regret not picking up Deathstroke now!

  4. Oh, man. Now I've got to track down a Catman!