Saturday, July 14, 2012

Capture Trap Amazing Spider-Man & Power Arms Dr. Octopus

Surprised by how much I liked the Grappling Hook Amazing Spider-Man reviewed in my last post, I stumbled onto this Doc Ock and Ben Reilly Spider-Man on sale for $7.49 each. Again, not a great deal but better than nine or ten bucks at regular price. Again, the articulation on these is limited, but they are beefier and the sculpts are more fun than the previous 3 3/4" Spider-Man line by Hasbro.

There was a Green Goblin and a Doc Ock on the pegs, and I went with the latter- undeniably the superior of the two action figures. The green and silver outfit combined with the simple, stocky buck looks so retro-cool to me! His blue bug eyes and gritting teeth evoke a Bronze-Age comics feel to this action figure that's undeniable. I like the clip-on backpack which features a button at the top to make his mechanical arms wag, which surpisingly have wire inside, allowing some limited, nonetheless present poseability. So cool!

Doc Ock has the same articulation as Grappling Hook Spider-Man, simple yet surprisingly adequate. He has no bicep or wrist swivels, but he does have hinge-swivel shoulders and elbows that seem to do the trick. Doc Ock's hips don't rotate, but they do have a wide range forward and back, and he has hinge-swivel knees. His ball jointed neck has quite a bit of range- better than the Spiderman figure.

From the Marvel Universe Wiki:
"Over the years, Dr. Octopus has become one of most recognizable members of Spider-Man's rogues' gallery. He remains one of Spider-Man's most dangerous foes, having many legendary battles with him over the years. Before his transformation into the megalomaniacal archenemy of the web-slinger, Otto was a brilliant and respected nuclear physicist, inventor, and lecturer. He designed a set of highly advanced mechanical arms to assist him with his research into atomic physics. The tentacled arms were resistant to radiation and were capable of great strength and highly precise movement. They were attached to a harness that fit around his body. During an accidental radiation leak that ended in an explosion, the apparatus became fused to Octavius' body. It was later revealed that the radiation (or possibly his own latent mutation) had mutated his brain so that he could control the movement of the arms using his thoughts alone."

As a kid I had some Marvel Secret Wars action figures, including a Doc Ock that was really cool-  while possessing more articulation than the Mattel figure, this Hasbro figure enjoys the same simplicity in design that I find quite pleasing. I love his zig-zag belt with it's circular red buckle, and the piping down his chest and pants legs are sculpted into the figure- nice!

Next time you're out, stop and take a closer look at this one. I ignored him for awhile, but was bowled over by him up close...

After how much I enjoyed Grappling Hook Spider-Man, I warmed up to the "Ben Reilly" Spider-Man from this series- a charachter that surprises me with his longevity. I spoke of Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #149 (1975) in my post on the Hasbro Legends figure, and had a comic featuring Ben Riley Spider-Man I bought back in '96- knew nothing of him until then, but I liked the updated outfit.

Ben Reilly Spider-Man has the same articulation as Grappling Hook Spidey, but the lower legs, arms, and torso are unique this figure, featuring his trademark suit design. Hasbro missed slightly painting the chest insignia, but not grotesquely- like the webbing in the red portons, it was expertly sculpted. The bulkier stock of this new line of figures looks very comic book and great! I love the big eyes on the Comic Series from this Amazing Spider-Man line, which remind me of Todd McFarlane's 90's Spider-Man.

They aren't quite the tight fit as the Grappling Hook Spidey for whatever reason, but Capture Trap Spidey does have holes in his feet that fit on a 3 3/4" scale Marvel Universe figure base.

Grappling Hook Spidey with Capture Trap Spidey...  there's a classic Spider-Man (Mega Cannon) and a diver  Spider-Man (Hydro-Attack) in this series, but I felt these two were the coolest...

And now for your dose of BIG TOY/little toy, Capture Trap Spider-Man with the Hasbro Legends Ben Reilly...

Like the rest of the figures from the Comic Series of the Amazing Spider-Man line, Spidey comes with an accessory that's mostly useless but kinda fun- kid's love that stuff, I was kinda down on Hasbro for stripping their movie franchise figures of their articulation, but the kids won't miss it, and I have to admit these rock. These are two simple but well done action figures that are really fun- like a good toy should be :D

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. These both look great Super-D!

  2. Not crazy about the Doc Ock figure, but I will be picking up the Ben Riley Spidey as well as the Goblin when I see them again.

  3. We just got that Dr. Ock. Not a big fan of the design but Isaac loves it. I guess he is just happy to finally own one 4" version.

  4. It's funny how you say you like the retro feel of the Doc Ock when the figure is of his ultimate incarnation, guess Mark Bagley did a good job of updating his look, keeping the classic "feel" of it but streamlining it too, that mangavere spidey you posed Ben with looks awful though, it's proportions are all wrong. Great review though, helped me male my mind up in regards to the Ben figure, he now sits next to my Scarlet Spider.

    1. no, I kinda like Manga Spidey! -doesn't look like the comics Manga Spidey, but Hasbro was makin' a buck off that ...well, buck. They share parts. Love that Doc Ock- yes, it's not far from his original aesthetic :)