Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Havok & Polaris Minimate 2-Pack

Deeply in MiniMate madness, I happened upon this fun Havok/Polaris 2-Pack at Slackers on Tuesday night for the irresistible price on $2.99. I'd seen this set before I got into MiniMates, and had hoped more recently I'd see it again! The only other set from this wave I'd like would be the Hawkeye/Vision 2-pack, but this set is almost just as good. Yes, my knowledge of these characters are limited, but they are X-Men related which interests me more in the last year, and Polaris' hairdo & outfit are disco  :D 

Havoc and Polaris were both lovers and members of the 1990s-era government sponsored mutant team X-Factor.  As Alex Summers, he is younger brother to fellow X-Man Cyclops/Scott Summers, and possesses the ability to generate powerful plasma blasts, often hard for him to administer precisely. Perhaps more interesting is the psychological aspect of the Summers boy's loss of their parent and separation at an orphanage, Alex adopted by a couple trying to replace a dead son while Scott remained.


While Havok is somewhat of a plain MiniMate standing next to one like Beta Ray Bill, who might be the coolest I own. His limbs are more free to pose without boots, a cape or shoulder pads, however.

Polaris was the real reason I bought this set, in her Club 54-worthy outfit with a huge mane of green hair. Nice! Her cape makes her kinda heavy in the back, but her mix of flat & pearlescent coloring, great detail, and big hair scuplt make her unique and fun.

Estranged daughter of Magneto, Lorna Dane controls magnetism like her father, generating magnetic energy pulses, creating force fields, and manipulate the Earth's magnetic field which gives her the ability to fly. Her relationship with her father varies throughout her continuity, depending on which storyline you are reading- like her relationship with Havok, it's complicated. Again, it's the psychological aspect of Marvel's conflicted characters and their intertwined relationships that make them interesting.

More Later- Make It FUN!

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  1. These look great Super-D and at that price you can't beat it.