Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hasbro Avengers Nick Fury and Comic Series Hawkeye

I surprised myself buying more of these, but enjoyed the two Captain Americas from Hasbro's Avengers series I picked up recently quite a bit, so I got some more....
Unlike the Super Shield Captain America, these two came with a lot of accessories- look at these full trays! Some were a disappointment, which I get into later, but at least an effort was made. Why Hawkeye gets two handguns and a crossbow, and Cap doesn't even get an assault rifle is a mystery to me.

Nick Fury looks to have a lot of parts that Captain America series Winter Soldier had, and benefits by getting more articulation than the other 3 3/4" Avengers figures. Along with double-jointed knees, he enjoys a torso/abdominal joint and hinge-swivel ankles. His elbows are the same hinge-swivel as the others however, and his wrists don't move.  I must say that from some angles he certainly resembles Samuel L. Jackson, and he looks killer in his trench coat! His weapons fit securely in his hands, and Hasbro smartly molded a holster for the pistol onto his left leg. They also glued a holstered sidearm onto his chest, but the pistol cannot be removed- looks good though!
 Fury's rocket launcher is only okay- it doesn't sit on his shoulder well and there's no good way to grip it with both hands, but it does fire pretty well. Pushing the ridged missile into the spring-loaded chamber until it clicks, the projectile is released by pressing the end protruding from the rear of the barrel.
Man did they pile this "comic series" Hawkeye with accessories- I love the backpack for his extra missiles, which are molded in three bright colors- fun! His cannon is far to big for him to hold, but fires nicely, launching the projectile by pressing the big red triggers on it's sides.

Both of Hawkeye's handguns fit securely when placed in the correct hand- he doesn't hold anything but the larger .45 type pistol in his left hand. We actually get two holsters on his utility belt- we've been treated to some nice detail on these figure's belts, and Hawkeye is no exception.   
Apparently, this is the version of Hawkeye featured in the Ultimates Universe, of which I am unfamiliar, but am eager to read. He only gets the simpler articulation a lot of the comic series figures got, like the hinge-swivel knees & elbows, but there is some incredible detail and paint apps here. They probably should have molded the knee guards onto the lower leg for a better look when his knees are bent, and a waist joint would have vastly improved this figure, but he's otherwise quite awesome.

I'm probably going against the popular vote, and though I'm a fan of Sam Jackson, I like this comic series Hawkeye better than the Nick Fury figure. I wasn't crazy about it the first couple times I saw him, but he's rad!
 I know I should hate Hasbro for raising the price on these while cutting the articulation, but I've been having fun with them, particularly the comic series figures which are beefier, colorful, and enjoy sculpts that are better than a lot of the 3 3/4" Marvel Universe figures we've seen. Hawkeye with fellow Hasbro Avengers comic series Shield Launcher Captain America, Battle Hammer Thor, and comic series Grappling Hook Spidey from the recent Amazing Spider-Man line...

More Later- Make It FUN! 


  1. That is the comic series Hawkeye? Man...I haven't read comics in years....

  2. Nice to know that the Fury figure is pretty solid i keep thinking i should get one to put in with my GI Joes.

  3. Absolutely love that Sam Jackson figure too. Am surprised they were able to capture the likeness onto such a tiny figure.

    That Hawkeye looks unique and truly deserved to be picked up.....though I haven't done so myself (ol' cheapskate me waitin fr it to be dumped inside some discount bin sometime soon!lol).

  4. I saw that Fury figure in store and didn't buy it... now I regret.

  5. Need to snag up the whole team at some point.I really like that Hawkeye.I was never too fond of the movie series figure,I feel that Hawkeye should be masked.