Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Power Attack Blast Lane Batmobile

I picked up this Blast Lane Batmobile, having passed on the previous Power Attack series Batmobile due to it's outrageous retail price tag of thirty bucks, but when I saw this one for twenty bucks a couple weeks ago, I took it for a spin. I loved its black & red color scheme, sports racer/formula car chassis, and bat-faced grill.

There's little paint on this, but it's in the right places: in the grill's "eyes", vents behind the cockpit, and over the sculpted bat symbol on the tail, complimenting the red canopy and wheel spokes. The tires are a hard plastic, but are textured nicely to look like rubber. The front cannons sculpted in grey look cool, but would have been more fun with a couple firing missiles. It's a pretty good overall sculpt and nice-looking design. It's simple, but they had to hit that price point, which the previous Power Attack Batmobile didn't really do- I saw that first one on sale several times. What that first Batmobile had however, was action features, including  a projectile and battering ram function. For some this won't be important, and though it's not always a deal breaker, I do like an action feature on a toy like this. And the in-motion photo on the back of the packaging combined with the toy's "blast lane" title seemed to imply some type of mechanized movement, but never really claimed any, clearly.

Another thing about this toy that bored me, aside from it's lack of action features, was the empty shell of a cockpit- void of any steering wheel, and nearly bereft of any sculptural detail. I wasn't aware of this at time of purchase due to the hazy red canopy, and while Batmen fits in the seat well enough, there's nothing to really anchor him.

Still, this Batmobile makes a nice display piece, and looks cool with the Power Attack Batman & Robin, a version of the Dynamic Duo I really liked...

5" Justice League Batman with my Brave & The Bold Batmobile and Power Attack Batman with Blast Lane Batmobile- the two cars have a great deal in common, including that classic red & black color scheme popularized by the 1966 TV Batmobile...

5" Justice League Batman with Brave & The Bold Batmobile, Power Attack Batman with Blast Lane Batmobile, and Imaginext Batman & Batmobile- another Batmobile that takes aesthetic cues from the '66 TV Batmobile...

While there was a great deal to admire about this Batmobile and I loved photographing it, I repackaged and returned it when I was finished. True, my B&TB Batmobile has no action features, but the details are superior and I scored it for five bucks less. In the end, I really wanted the Blast Lane Batmobile to do more, and when I found the previous Power Attack "Total Destruction" Batmobile on sale for less, I opted for it instead. More about that later, but first, one more shot of this great looking Batmobile    :D

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  1. Looks great on the outside but there just needs to be more going on in that cockpit.

  2. If I find this one for around $15 or less I'll bite, but until then it's too much for too little.

    I have seen the Total Destruction Power Attack Batmobile at Ross for around $13 or so, but I hate the color scheme of it so I passed. If it drops in price again though I might be tempted.

  3. There doesn't even seem to be a steering wheel in that cockpit. That figure will be rattling around in there while the car is pushed along.

  4. I have this batmoblie and you can easily fit two brave and the bold figures in and they stay put well.