Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Toy Shopping

I found some things I'd been looking for this weekend, and a couple I really wasn't looking for. Some new action figures have surprised me recently, and I'm finally starting to see a few I've been waiting for. New waves of Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe have been hard to come by around here in the last year or so, but DC Direct (now DC Collectibles) seem to be released on time and properly distributed. I've also seen a flush of Mattel DC action figures appear over winter. I'm unsure why such popular toys are distributed so unevenly, but I can't really complain- I have more action figures than I have time to photograph...

*Marvel Legends Archangel
I was surprised to stumble onto one of these at an out-of-the-way TRU in a neighboring county! I've been really picky about the character selection in the latest Marvel Legends, but found an X-Force Wolverine I liked awhile back. Archangel was the other one I was really waiting to spot. I'd been getting Legends at Target for less, but I gladly paid $20.00 for this beautiful figure. Check out a review of this figure at a favorite blog of mine, Joint Junkie!

*Playskool Heroes single-bagged Spider-Man & Hulk
I haven't bought any of the great 2-packs of these, but discovered bagged singles of these Playskool Heroes mini-figures. I picked up a Spidey and Hulk, as they are each childhood favorites of which I collect. They just seem to go together like peas & carrots.

*Hasbro Marvel Universe Nighthawk
What can I say? I love Marvel Universe, and am always on the lookout for new releases, which seem to be slow to trickle out. I've been picking up the occasional 80's l issue of the Defenders from the dollar comics bin in the last year or so, and was surprised and delighted by this character's appearance in the line. That's what has been so great about this 3 3/4" line- the wide array of characters. I'm now on the lookout for Jubilee, Blastaar, Nova, Hercules, and Angel!

*DC Collectibles New 52 Justice League Green Arrow
I actually picked this up 3 weekends ago, but am just now getting around to showing him off. I loved the other New 52 Justice League figures I picked up this winter, and I've just discovered there will be a Martian Manhunter released in his new outfit this summer- excellent. Some other 2-packs will be released, one including Flash & Vibe, and the other Wonder Woman & Katana. I wish we could have a 2-pack with just Vibe & Katana, though, as I've been reading their recent, initial issues. I've been getting these Justice League singles for twenty bucks each- they look great, and Ollie here is a standout!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Nice haul! I saw those single bagged Marvel heroes too, but have all that I need from the selection they offered already. I do hope it is successful and they release more in the single format - and that Imaginext follows suit with their DC superhero offerings!

  2. Sweet grabs! I wonder if that will do up a Thing figure for those Playschool figures because if they do am so buying it.

  3. Awesome haul. I have to see if I can find those Playskool singles also. Would love to grab Spidey.

  4. Must own Nighthawk....The latest MU line has not seen it's ugly head in Mexico which is why I am forced to talk about other things...Well...and not having a camera.

    1. camera should be priority one Hobby- I'll keep an eyepeeled for another Nighthawk ;)

  5. That ML Archangel looks GOOOOD!!! Nice score!

  6. That archangel is hot and great find. Awesome

  7. Archangel is probably the coolest of all the ML Wave 4 guys. Love that Green Arrow too.

  8. Nice haul. Looks like you had a lot of fun last weekend.