Saturday, December 29, 2012

DC Collectibles New 52 Darkseid!

Well, I knew it would likely come to pass, and while stopping by Comic Headquarters on Friday afternoon to rap with Steve and his friendly staff, I saw the new DC Collectibles Darkseid on sale for $64.99! At the regular retail price of eighty to ninety bucks, I wasn't going to pass on a deal like that and bought him on the spot...

Let's take a look at the video  :D
There are big fun action figures, and there are others that fall into the fine art category- Darkseid here files under the latter. DC Collectibles, formerly known as DC Direct, are known for their excellent sculpt and paint, and this mammoth 13" Darkseid is the pinnacle of their artistry. Sculptor Phil Ramirez pulled out all the stops on this bad boy, creating a piece that rivals any of the fine art statuary DC or Marvel has released to date. The texture and cracking throughout this piece is spectacular, and the paint apps are subtle and expertly applied- it's as though he is standing right there in front of you. Absolutely amazing... !

Such as the case with DC Direct in the past, Darkseid's articulation is very simple: hinge-swivel shoulders, swivels in the biceps, forearms, wrists, and boot tops, single-jointed elbows and knees. His ball-jointed head is relatively expressive, but lacks any upward range- this isn't too disappointing as he looks down on most every action figure in my collection. Darkseid's shoulder pads are on a ball joint, one of which popped off while messing with him- it was most difficult getting it back on, and I feared the tiny, clear peg would break off during the entire ten minutes it took me to get it back on. I'm not crazy about this design feature, and would recommend doing everything you can not to unseat the shoulder pads from their pegs.
 This DC Collectibles Darkseid dwarfs all previous version of the Dark Lord of the Apokolips- here he is pictured below with my DC Direct New Gods Darkseid, inspired by the late, great artist Jack Kirby. I love the angular styling of these New Gods figures, and I think King Kirby would have been impressed by this DC Collectibles version of Darkseid...

Pictured below are a couple other size comparisons with larger action figures in my collection, DC Direct 13" Deluxe Superman, and Hasbro 16" Marvel Universe Sentinel. It should be noted that the Marvel Universe Sentinel retailed at only fifty bucks, and while his sculpt and paint aren't nearly as artful as Darkseid's, his articulation is superior, and he features lights and sound...

Darkseid with my DC Collectibles New 52 Superman and Wonder Woman...
This action figure is a work of art! In spite of the trouble with the shoulder pad, I'd certainly recommend him to any DC Comics fan. To that I'd add, get him on sale- while he's a great figure, he's way overpriced at the suggested retail of ninety dollars. That said, DC Collectibles raised the bar on sculpt and deco on this amazing action figure- Bravo!
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  1. That is an amazing piece. I never realized how huge he was until I saw him next to that Sentinel figure. Sometimes you have to put down the money when you see something this sweet because it may not come your way again. Just ask me to tell you the Oscar Goldman story some day. 40 dollars but because of a little tear in the box I passed him by. Regretting it ever since.

  2. I don't really collect DC action figs, but this one is an exception, and I've seen this guy on online stores and just waiting for the right time to purchase him.

  3. Is Darkseid really that big in the DC universe? Jeepers!

  4. This figure is impressive Super-D.

  5. Awesome figure. I might have balked at paying that price, but I can definately see why you did.

  6. Love this Darkseid! I'm not collecting New 52 stuff, but it's another truly impressive big-scale figure from DCC. It makes the Mattel one look like an awkward joke.