Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Earth 2 #11: "When Fate Calls..."

While I've picked up the odd Batman & Robin & Action Comics issues among the New 52, the only books I've kept up with are World's Finest: Huntress & Powergirl and Earth 2, the former I've lost interest in. I dropped Justice League after issue #6, but picked up the first couple issues of  Justice League of America, Katana, and even the first issue of Vibe. I'll have to see how those go, but it's only Earth 2 I've stuck with so far. Nicola & Trevor Scott make some great art together, and I have to admit that when writer James Robinson killed off the Trinity in the first issue, I was convinced this was going to a different place. I've enjoyed the selection and re-imagining of the characters. I'm unsure if it will be remembered as pivotal or groundbreaking, but it's entertained me. 

In issue #10, Wotan sent Khalid Ben-Hassin into the impenetrable Tower of Fate to fetch the helm of Nabu, where the reluctant hero hid it to escape the madness it brought through the ancient Egyptian spirit. Jay's captive mother is all the reason he needs to accompany Khalid through the tower, where the two split up to distract the great beast guarding it, and find the helmet for Wotan. The scorcerer gives Ms. Garrick some backstory on his multiple lives spent battling Nabu, whom Wotan holds a centuries-spanning grudge against.

 Steppenwolf  sends Fury to capture the escaped Mr. Miracle in Gotham City, while he plans for the future of the world from the recently overthrown capital of Dherain...

It was a good issue, though the foldout cover claimed to call Mr. Miracle to the stage, which never really happened. Steppenwolf called Fury forth to find the son of the Highfather of New Genesis, and we get a beautiful full page illustration of he and Big Barda, but that's it. It's as though they tried to squeeze his name onto the marquee. Some of the numerous pages with the guardian beast chasing Flash and Khalid through the Tower of Fate could have been sacrificed for a little more Mr. Miracle in my opinion. After Khalid acquiesces to Nabu's desire to regain essence through him as Dr. Fate, we are given the hero we've been waiting for in the last few issues. Wotan and Dr. Fate will clash in issue #12, I guarantee, and we'll likely see Fury face Scott Free and his own former Fury, Big Barda, in Gotham.

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  1. Yeah, baby! Scott Free and Barda! I like the new look to his costume. Thanks for posting this, Colin! MM needs his own book again.